Ten years later

31 March 2017

I've received a number of invites to give talks in different schools and universities but I've always had to say no because I'm terribly shy and awkward. What if I mispronounce some words? What if I say the wrong things? What if I blank out and forget what I am supposed to say? What if no one laughs at my jokes?? But when an invite from Mass Communication students from my very own Alma mater came, I couldn't find it in my heart to say no. I cannot stress how HUGE a deal this is for me.

Last Saturday found me back in the grounds of Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Maynila, a place where I spent four years in in anticipation of the "real world".

Our college occupied the fifth level of Gusaling Lacson. Every day we had to go up and down the stairs because we didn't have an elevator. I literally worked my butt off.
After ten long years, I went back for Gear Up, a talk for incoming third year students about what it's like to work in Public Relations. My hope was to inspire some of them enough to want to belong in this industry someday. Crazy and stressful as it may admittedly be, there's no industry I would rather be in.

How many times have I walked in this hallway with my classmates and friends. ♥
My fears were unfounded because everyone was so nice and all the attendees were so receptive to the deck I prepared and the things I shared. The slides that garnered the most attention were my photos with Sandara Park and Lucky Blue Smith, heh.

How to be an effective PR practitioner? "Don't forget to have a life outside of work." Very important.
Seeing them was exciting for me also because it reminded me of where I came from and how far I have come. There are still so many things to learn, sure, but I'm grateful for my job and the company I keep.

It's one of the classrooms we've had when I was still studying here. It's been ten years since I graduated and nothing has changed. It's sad that nothing has changed.
If there's one thing I wish for them, I wish for better facilities for students that will be more conducive for learning.

Now that it's done and I *think* I was able to do well, I think I'd like to do more talks like this. Where are all those invites? Do you think I could be an effective instructor, too? Heh.

We'll see.

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