Make Me Smile Mondays // 090516

05 September 2016

So I'm slowly easing into things and hopefully I'll regain the hang of blogging again soon. ♥

Work and the commute going to and from the office still take up a huge chunk of my weekdays, but with the convenience offered by UberPool I am able to minimize travel time and have more energy and time for the things that matter.

When I started this blog I was still working in a BPO where I didn't have Saturdays and Sundays off, and Tuesdays and Wednesdays were my "weekends". I didn't mind that much because I didn't have a bustling social life anyway and I just spent my rest days reading or cooped up in the house in front of my computer. I started a blog series called Make Me Smile Mondays where I listed down the things that make me, yes, smile. Kinda like a Things I Love Lately, if you will.

Since I'm trying to make blogging a habit again, why not jump-start that attempt with this series? So, yeah, I'm listing down here the things that made me smile this week. 

♥ Visit to Kawaii PH HQ

My friends Ana, Ava, Sarah, and Ashley started a crafting club and I am SO HAPPY to be its newest member! My Saturdays are usually reserved for my boyfriend, but we made an exception last weekend so my girls and I could go have a field trip to Kawaii PH HQ in Quezon City. It was so nice to see my old home (context: I worked and lived in QC for about four years before) again, 

And OMG everything was floor to ceiling kawaii! I loved the handmade stickers most of all but I also couldn't resist getting something that I wouldn't mind wearing for Halloween, hee hee. 

Check the rest of the photos here.

♥ Crafting Club + journalling

You know how long I've been including Moleskines on my yearly Christmas wish lists? Well, I had a Le Petit Prince Pocket Diary Moleskine before but I don't really count it because I didn't buy it with my own money. Well, this time I splurged and got myself a Le Petit Prince Weekly Diary/ Planner Moleskine and it's one of the prettiest things I own. 

It's for July 2016 to December 2017. I know there are a lot of extra pages since it's September already but that's okay because extra pages mean more space for my thoughts and washi tapes and stickers and what-have-yous.

This is the first page I created when we were at Kenny Roger's last Saturday! As the sticker says, it's a Work in Progress. (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

I brought a huge and heavy bag filled with papers, sticky notes, stickers, pens, stamps, stamp pads, and washi tapes, and we had a ball using those and the stuff they brought! We also talked about the stuff we want to add to our stash. What a bunch of enablers, this lot! LOL.

Sooo here are my weekend hauls: stickers from the Kawaii PH HQ and Regina's Gift Shop in Shoppesville. I finally have another reason to go there aside from it being one of my boyfriend Miah's favorite haunts. Heh.

♥ Bootleg Lego = BootLego

Miah got another Batman, and when he asked me what I wanted I chose Ron Weasley because not all heroes end up being the Main Character.

♥ My TOMS Departure Pattern Mix Tablet Sleeve

It was a Christmas gift that I didn't have much use for because I don't have an iPad but I couldn't bear to part with so it just stayed in my closet, wrapped and unused, until I remembered it could be the perfect size for my Moleskine. I tried it and POOF! Perfect fit! My Moleskine now has a home to make sure the cloth cover doesn't get dirty. Meanwhile, my Penshoppe Envelope Bag has papers, pens, sticky notes, and stickers.

♥ My Favori Mini-Egg Aerator 

I have a Favori Leaf Aerator in my house but I also wanted a smaller one for the office. I got a Mini-Egg Aerator from Favori's Market! Market! kiosk earlier today as well as a bottle of Fresh Cut Grass aroma oil and oh man, my area smells so nice and clean and fresh now that it inspired me to work more!

♥ Palmolive Naturals Intensive Moisture

Speaking of scents, one scent that reminds me of summer days playing with my kitchen play-set and dolls is the coconut goodness scent of the pink variant of Palmolive Naturals. It's the shampoo and conditioner duo my Mom bought for our household and it's the scent I grew up with.

And because things change and products get reformulated, Palmolive Naturals also gave it a new advanced formula!

The new Palmolive Naturals Intensive Moisture promises intense moisturization so you can say no to dry and sticky hair and say hi to hair that's so magaan-soft, you'll love to flip it.

Now I don't have enough hair to flip because I got my hair cut less than two weeks ago, and even before then I don't think it was long enough to be flip-able, but I can attest to how soft this shampoo and conditioner made my dry and coarse hair. I've always said how I have a love-hate relationship with my hair but with the right products, it can show that it can behave nicely, too.

More than its smoothening powers though, it's still its yummy coconut scent that makes me smile as I reach for it in the bathroom during bath-time.

I grabbed my Palmolive Naturals Intensive Moisture Shampoo and Conditioner for FREE from Sample Room and if you aren't a roommie yet then what are you waiting for? All you have to do is pay for shipping and grab away to your heart's content! Sometimes, brands are even cool enough to shoulder the shipping for you, like what Palmolive Naturals did for the first 300 to grab these goodies. Visit Sample Room now and register if you haven't yet!

Add my boyfriend and their dog Hugo, and you've got some of the things that made me smile this past week. How about you? I would love to know about them!

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