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04 August 2016

I like scents and I cannot lie. After the long and extremely busy week we had last week (I mean, yeah, all weeks are long and busy when you work in PR, but last week was extraordinary because we had the huge Penshoppe x Lucky Blue Smith series of events), it's nice to sit back and enjoy a little aromatherapy.

What perfect time to open my package from FAVORI than last weekend, then. Really, my new Leaf Aerator is heaven-sent. ♥

Even a total noob can set this up. All you need to remember is to put enough water in the container while it is unplugged, add a few drops of your water-soluble oil of choice, and voila! You now have a fancy addition to your room that removes dust and smoke and reduces indoor pollution as it deodorizes and refreshens.

The color-changing display and LED illumination are nice touches, too. I was mesmerized!

I used the Eucalyptus oil when I used my Leaf Aerator for the first time and it helped clear my sinuses. I am looking forward to using the other oils I got: Cherry Blossoms, Coco Vanilla, and Pink Grapefruit! They said you can also mix different oils to "create your favorite feeling." Doesn't that sound like crafting an Amortentia in Potions class to you? Just make sure not to copy off the book of the Half-Blood Prince. ;)

FAVORI is a local brand that offers a wide variety of scents in the forms of Aroma Oils, Reed Diffusers, Air Sprays, Soy Aroma Candles and Aroma Pouches, as well as numerous options for Aerators, Diffusers, and Burner Devices in stylish designs because the owner marketing practitioner turned scent crafter Jac Tripon understands that cent preferences vary depending on a person's personality, mood, lifestyle, and specific needs. A scent for every occasion, so to speak.

I believe also that scents give individuals the power to control how they feel by evoking positive memories, uplifting moods, and alleviating anxiety. I especially like the Human Nature Orange Oil given to me by my friend Tish, and now I love that I can easily purchase the Sunkissed Citrus Aroma Oil from FAVORI and put a few drops on my Leaf Aerator to make the whole room smell like a freshly-peeled orange. ♥

I also love that FAVORI advocates recycling by actively encouraging customers to return empty FAVORI bottles at their retail outlets in exchange for a discount on their next purchase. Yay for brands that consider the well-being of the environment!

If you would like to get your own FAVORI Leaf Aerator for free, all you have to do is collect ten (10) stamps in your FAVORI Rewards promo card! Every P1,000 purchase of any FAVORI scent products or aroma devices entitles you to one (1) stamp. The promo runs until October 15, 2016 and redemption of the FREE Leaf Aerator is until December 15, 2016.

Needless to say, my FAVORI Leaf Aerator is a VERY welcome addition to my relaxation essentials. Next on my FAVORI wish list: the Lavender & Vanilla Soy Aroma Candle, the Natural Ionizer Burner, and more Aroma Oils.

Speaking of relaxation essentials, I got my copies of Harry Potter and the Cursed Child with the help of my boyfriend and Neil Gaiman's View from the Cheap Seats this week so I am looking forward to reading and creating my favorite feeling at this weekend's me-time. ♥

But first, Suicide Squad movie-date with the boyfriend tomorrow.

For more information on FAVORI products, follow FAVORI on Instagram, like them on Facebook, and vist their website. FAVORI scents are available at Robinson’s Place Manila, SM Megamall, SM City Marikina, SM Southmall and Market! Market!

Disclosure: FAVORI sent me my Leaf Aerator and four bottles of Aroma Oil as a gift but I was not required to nor compensated for this post. Read my complete Disclosure Policy here.

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