Of tokens and prizes

02 September 2016

You know those UFO Catchers in arcades? One of my ultimate dreams in life is to be able to snag a prize from one of those machines, and if that fails to at least have someone win something for me. Isn't it frustrating when you think you already got it, and then it turns out you didn't? Argh!!!

Like adulting. You think you already got it all figured out, and then it turns out you really haven't got a clue. Next thing you know you've already wasted far too many tokens with zero returns.

Anyway. Funny story. Today I wanted to withdraw from my payroll account but I entered the incorrect PIN. The reason why? The PIN I use is still the original PIN that came with my card when I got it so it doesn't hold a specific significance to me — in my defense I never got the chance to change it because I only use my payroll ATM during paydays and Maybank ATMs are quite rare.

I almost panicked but I reminded myself to stay calm and think rationally. There's a Maybank right next door so I went there immediately to ask for advice, and was told I would have to surrender my ATM card so they can replace it with a new one and a new PIN. I didn't want to because my card has my name embossed on it and if I have it replaced with something I could use straightaway I would be issued a generic [ugly] card with no embossing. I joked, wouldn't it be funny if I remember my PIN in the middle of this process?

True enough the correct PIN came to me after they have blocked my card.

What a scatterbrain. It would be hilarious if it just weren't so downright annoying.

And that was just one of a few booboos from today.

One thing I think I did right though was facilitating our weekly meeting at work. Every week we all meet and everyone answers a set question so we can all learn a little bit more about the people we work with. Our boss was out for meetings so she made me think of this week's question.

I asked, now that the Ber months are here, what are your goals that you want to accomplish before 2016 ends?

I appreciate that we all gave interesting answers and one even got a little emotional, but what we all have in common is that we all aim for self-development and to leave the year better than we were when it started.

I answered I want to save up enough for a small business I can put up with my boyfriend. I've always had creative entrepreneurial ideas but I never sustain them because I get bored, but I think I can do well when partnered with people who complement my strengths and weaknesses.

So, yes, I guess that's just how it really is. Most people really don't have a clue but so long as we have tokens, then we continue trying until we get that coveted prize.

How about you, what are some of the goals you want to accomplish before the year ends?

PS: It's my Uncle Karl's birthday today. Hope you're having a grand time celebrating with the angels, Kuya. ♥

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