12 September 2016

Today, my boyfriend and I celebrated our 15th month as a couple. ♥

Coincidentally, today was declared a regular non-working holiday in observance of Eid'l Adha so we were able to go out. Because we were starting to get sick of our usual date haunts and were craving for something new, we went all the way to Banawe in Quezon City for Chef Robert.

And we were rewarded.

We have been planning to go for a while now but it was only that we got the chance. I hope you're not hungry when you read this post because I'll surely whet your appetite, heh.

We had a hard time perusing the menu because everything looked good and we wanted to make sure we got the best because we traveled so far. It's worth it though as we got a really good deal with their P777 promo for two people that already includes two bowls of soup, two main dishes and two cups of rice, one dessert, and two glasses of bottomless drinks. We also ordered Chap Chae.

There was so much food that we feel even three people can take part in that feast! 

Cream of Pumpkin Soup
Classic rich pumpkin soup with bacon bits
We liked this because it was rich and creamy.
Korean Beef Stew
Tempting beef stewed to perfection
I found this a tad too sweet, but Miah liked it. The beef is so tender it melts in your mouth.
Crispy Kare-Kare
Crispy lechon kawali served with Kare-kare sauce (with a side of bagoong)
This might have ruined all other Kare-Kare for me, including my Mother's cooking. I now want all my Kare-Kare to be served with crispy lechon kawali. This was perfect.
Chap Chae
Stir-fried Korean glass noodles with vegetables and chicken strips
Miah's Mom didn't like it that much because she felt it lacked flavor (we couldn't finish everything so we took the rest home), but I actually liked this and wanted to eat more if only I wasn't so full already. 
Chocnut Mousse Cake
This is a new dessert. I liked that it's not too sweet. The Chocnut and Choco Knots give it a local and welcome flair. I liked this and will order this again when I go back.
Coffee Jelly
Coffee in jelly with nata de coco, cream, and a scoop of vanilla ice
I liked this because unlike other coffee jellies I've tried, this one didn't give me palpitations. It was also the first time I tried a Coffee Jelly dessert with nata de coco. A+++
Commendable service by the staff also. We really enjoyed our monthsary lunch! We hope Chef Robert opens another branch nearer our place of work. Nevertheless, never mind that it's out of way, we'll definitely be back.

For those who are curious and would like to try this restaurant, Chef Robert is located in 847 Banawe St., St. Peter, Quezon City. You may check their menu here.

Now as you may have noticed on my posts if you're a regular visitor of this blog, Miah and I have a lot of hobbies. One thing I like about our relationship is that we include the other one in these hobbies. For example, he opened the world of toy-collecting and Tamiya, among others, to me, while I shared crystal-growing and resin- jewelry making with him as well. I've been wanting to teach him love letter-writing also but he's still resisting, ugh. HAHA.

Today, I gave him a kaleidoscope making kit. ^_^

We were supposed to make one from scratch but I wasn't sure where to get pre-cut mirrors, thus the kit.

We assembled it earlier and... TA DA!

There were a lot of trinkets included in the kit divided by theme like colorful beads, transparent beads for snowflake patterns, color filters, and glow-in-the-dark stars. The colorful beads are my favorite and I'll probably scavenge more items to put inside!

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Dear Miah,

Looking forward to more discoveries with you. I love you. ♥
Do you have any recommended restaurants for our 16th monthsary? (^_^)

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