Summer-ready with Penshoppe and Lucky Blue Smith

04 March 2016

Goodbye, chilly mornings and early sunsets. Hello, sunshine and sundresses!

Summer is here, and global clothing brand Penshoppe launched its Spring/ Summer 2016 collection with a splash (as it rightfully should because, hello, new endorser!)

One of the perks I enjoy in my current job is being privy to juicy information before they even reach the public domain. In the days leading up to the exclusive launch party held at The Palace Pool Club, I made sure I didn't talk about the event that much lest I reveal who the new endorser to join the ranks of Mario Maurer, Zac Efron, Sean O'Pry, Sandara Park, and Kendall Jenner is!

And so it was revealed that new face to belong to Team Penshoppe is Male Model of the Year 2015 Lucky Blue Smith!

Currently one of the hottest and most-followed male models in the industry today, Lucky Blue Smith is the epitome of cool. His iconic platinum blonde hair, chiseled features, and icy baby blues make it no wonder that he has won the hearts of many fans all around the globe. I hope Penshoppe brings him here also!

A fashion show was held at the exclusive launch party, and it was like a catalogue of clothes I want in my closet came to life and paraded in front of me.

I mean:


It was awesome because I was able to get most of what I wanted like the pink and blue kimono that Jodilly Pendre was wearing, the Unicorn pullover I wore at Komiket, the graphic tank top I wore at SuperSale Bazaar that Reese Lansangan complimented me on, the jewel-toned top I wore a couple of weeks ago, my hibernating Panda shirt, and a black mesh backpack I've been lugging around these past couple of days!

Fun times. I am so ready for summer!

PS: By the way. Penshoppe also released a Batman v Superman collection which I am going gaga over! AAAAAH Y U WANNA TAKE ALL MY MONEY??!

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