{2016} Currently Vol. 12

22 March 2016

What a busy week last week had been! I'm also guessing, based on the number of events our PR agency is slated to have, that April is also going to be CRAZY. Wish me luck!

Friday was a rare night out for me and my boyfriend when we attended Philippine Airlines' Bloggers' Night in time for their 75th anniversary. We didn't win the raffle but we had a lot of fun seeing old and new friends and hearing Bamboo sing live.

Mojitos from Revel at The Palace
A more comprehensive post will come as soon as I'm done with my truck-load of backlogs.

We scrub up well, yes?
The event finished late so I slept over at my friend Alex's house -

... who was so sweet in driving me to my event the next day -
Project Vanity's 8th Anniversary Party!
Liz did a talk on beauty blogging and I gained a lot of new insights -
 ... and saw old and new friends!
Clockwise from right: with Pau-pau, with Marielle, with Dev, with Juvy
I'm posting this late because I got home so late last night as my officemate Jean and I went to five different Maybelline stores looking for Touch of Spice to no avail. Five! Crazy! Here is this week's Currently!


Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children by Ransom Riggs because the trailer intrigued me so!

Freddie Mercury because Alex was listening to him on her car and I noted how similar his and Nate Ruess' voices are.

Happy Skin Valentine Kiss and Maybelline Creamy Matte Touch of Spice.

Valentine Kiss for International Happiness Day yesterday
"I can't think of anything I don't like about you."
- me to my Touch of Spice
Of what I can possibly do to ensure I can get a slot for the National Book Development Board's Pinoy Bookstore Tour. I really, really, really want to go! I have decided it is what I want for my birthday this year so it would suck if wouldn't be able to get a slot.

Anxious again because of all the things I need to accomplish for work. Please cross your fingers for me!


My Sadness plush toy which was an advanced birthday gift from Helen! So thoughtful! And the plushie's so soft ughhh.
These gorgeous colors from the Project Vanity 8th Anniversary party: a Pink Sugar eye shadow palette and the aforementioned Happy Skin Valentine Kiss
A hedhehog!!!

This is Alex's cousin's hedhehog Amee and SHE'S SO CUTE!!!

My copy of Laura Wolf's Diary of a Mad Bride
A friend (I don't remember who) borrowed it from me and now I don't know where it is. :( It's one of the funniest chick lit books I've read and I really want it back. I tried to ask Alex for this copy but it belongs to her sister. If there's anyone out there who can direct me to a copy, please do so. It would be appreciated!

Right now? For everything to work out.

Hey, you. Take care of your heart. And your books.

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