Dove Deo encourages women to Go Shave

13 March 2016

In an ideal world, I would only grow hair whenever and wherever I want them to. How awesome would it be if I can dye my hair and not worry about regrowth a couple of weeks later, yes? The same applies to body hair. 

Why go hair-free, anyway? It's personal preference, and I just feel better about myself when I know I can wear sleeveless tops and dresses without worrying about unwanted hair nor dark underarms.

Waxing sessions cost money and time, depilatory creams are too much of a hassle, and I just don't have the budget to spare for laser hair removal right now. When I am pressed for time, I rely on good ol' shaving to keep my underarms and legs hair-free. Quick, painless, and convenient. But did you know that when you shave, 1/3 of what you shave off is skin? Yikes! Along with your hair, shaving takes away the top-most layer of your skin, leaving it raw, sensitive, and prone to further damage. With continued subjection to stress, the skin is unable to heal itself and becomes bumpy, dry, and dark. That is the reason why beauty articles encourage against shaving.

When I received a special package from Dove care of my Sample Room family, I was pleasantly surprised at their new tagline that says Go Shave! Let's see what we have here.

My Dove kit contains Dove Deo Original in roll-on, stick, and aerosol forms, and a razor. How thoughtful!

Dove Deo's ¼ moisturizing cream is said to soothe sensitive underarm skin from redness and irritation and helps repair damage caused by shaving. It’s been formulated to moisturize underarm skin while protecting it with its gentle, skin-loving ingredients, leading to lighter and smoother underarms.

Despite shaving most of the time, I'm happy I don't really have dark underarms to begin with. There are some deos that don't work well with me though and make them darker, maybe due to alcohol content. Dove Deos don't have that. I'm glad Dove Deo works well with me, and I'm glad that it enables busy women like me to not mind our underarms because there are always more pressing matters to attend to.

I went wall-climbing yesterday and had no qualms about raising my arms and going for gold. (I failed, though, but only because I looked down and got terribly scared of how high up I was.)

I still have my underarm hair waxed when I have time to pass by my favorite waxing salon, but I don't make it a top priority because I can rely on Dove to take care of real women with real care. ♥

Dove Deo shares the care with all Dove girls around the Philippines. For the price of a regular roll-on or aerosol, you not only get a Dove Deos pouch for free, but also a chance to win a Dove Deo getaway to El Nido with two friends (DOH FDA CCRR Permit No. 1112 s of 2015)! Visit this link for more details. You can also get a full-sized Dove Deo Original Roll-on for free by trying before you buy at Sample Room!

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post but all opinions are my own. The photo of myself showing my underarms is unedited. Please visit my blog's complete Disclosure Policy here.

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