Happy 2nd Birthday, Sample Room!

07 December 2014

Shipping out more than 20,000 samples in a span of just two years is no mean feat, but Sample Room was able to achieve it! And I am so excited because not only are they coming up with more varied beauty and wellness samples, I am also now part of the family!

On the first half of the year I joined a contest to be part of the Sample Room Bloggers Circle. I eagerly awaited the results but after a couple of months passed and they didn't announce anything, I figured they probably changed their minds about including more bloggers, or maybe they didn't think any of the entries qualified. You can just imagine how I got the shock of my life when I received the email congratulating me about three weekends ago! I was so excited and couldn't wait to tell everyone, but figured Sample Room should be the one to announce it first. I was beaming the whole day after they uploaded the poster above on Instagram

On December 3, I went to the team's 2nd Anniversary/ Christmas dinner held at Maria Luisa's Garden Room at The Makati Garden Club.

I blogged about this restaurant before because going there felt like literally stepping into my dreams, and I looked forward to seeing if it looked as magical at night as I imagined it would. I wasn't able to take photos but it was indeed magical. I also wasn't able to take photos of the food but everything tasted divine. Here's a snapshot of the dessert.

More than the food and the venue though, I was excited for this dinner because I am so happy and honored to have been chosen to be part of the circle. It was thrilling to share a room with women whose beauty, work ethics, and aptitude about life in general are qualities I admire and am inspired by.

With beauty expert/ savvy entrepreneur/ pioneer Sophie of Sample Room and Beauty and Minerals
With one of my favorite local beauty bloggers, Julia of Bless My Bag
Sorry for my stupid smirk, I was conscious that there's food between my braces LOL.
Also, I couldn't stop complimenting Julia's lipstick that night!
The culprit: Julia's NARS Audacious in Rita
With my seatmate and fringe-sister Earth
If asked, I think beauty bloggers are my favorite niche bloggers because they're so warm and charming and easy to talk to. Really smart and discerning, too! I wish I could've stayed longer and chatted with old friends and new acquaintances more, but since I live too far away I needed to bolt out early. No worries though as I'm sure there'll be a lot more beauty soirées and get-togethers like this!

Sample Room celebrated its birthday but it is us who got gifts. ♥

Christmas-themed sweet treats
3S Pre-glued Lashes, the new Charm Pocket 5-pc Brush Set, and the new Suzie Edition Travel Pro 14-pc Makeup Brush Set (there's a peek at the delicious rose gold case)!
More details about these soon, but you may also check them out at Beauty and Minerals 
And now, here's a sweet treat for fans of Sample Room! In celebration of its 2nd Anniversary, Sample Room is giving away a special Hello Kitty Instax package! See the poster below.

Now if you've never visited the site before and you need a primer on how it works, just visit my post here. You may also visit Sample Room's official website and follow them on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Thank you so much, Sample Room! I feel so welcomed! I can't wait to go on more beauty adventures with you! 

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