Krissyfied Holiday Gift Guide: Babies and Kids

08 December 2014

Year after year, I always say I'm going to make my list and shop for Christmas presents in advance to avoid the holiday rush but I never learn. In this mini blog series I'm aiming to finish this week, I'm sharing gift guides for the special people in your life. I made sure that the items on the list are well-thought-out, practical, and won't make the recipients feel like their gifts were rushed.

Maybe it has something to do with age, but I recently started preferring practical gifts to cutesy presents. I mean, sure, dolls are sweet and all, but I would like it more if you get me something I can use. Go here to see my Christmas wish list, ho ho ho! Anyway, I'm starting this mini series with Gifts for Babies and Kids, and like I mentioned, these are all practical gifts that I'm sure kids (and their moms) will appreciate.

Kiele Anti-Mosquito Baby Cologne and Cibelli Skin Freshener
Follow them on Instagram and text them at 0917-8362175 for orders

Mosquitoes love me, so I make sure that I always have my bottle of Kiele Anti-Mosquito Baby Cologne for when these nasty insects attack. Plus points for its fresh scent! I love it so much that it's one of my everyday can't-leave-home-withouts. On the other hand, I spray the Cibelli Skin Freshener on whenever  I need something to boost my mood because it's such a happy and breezy scent. Both are made with skin-friendly ingredients safe for even the most sensitive skin so they're perfect for babies, kids, and their moms.

Mustela is one of the best baby skincare brands in the world, and it's because for more than 60 years, Mustela has successfully developed products to nourish and protect both babies and mothers. With exceptional formulation for comfort and protection, their products have been proudly handed down from mothers to their children for more than three generations. I recommend getting products from the Mustela Bebe line for daily baby care of babies and children with normal skin. I've only heard great things about the Vitamin Barrier Cream and its power for soothing and preventing diaper rash as its barrier effect protects and insulates the fragile skin of infants. The vitamins that the Vitamin Barrier Cream contain also provide instant relief, reduce development of bacteria, and leave the skin smooth and soft. Meanwhile, the Sun Protection Line provides protection against the dangerous UVA and UVB rays and is sweat-proof and waterproof. Kids can enjoy more time being active outside! I have the Very High Protection Sun Lotion and I alternate it with my SPF day cream and so far it hasn't acted on my skin yet unlike some other SPF products I have tried.

My cousin Gabriel showing some love for Mustela Bebe

Clothes from SM Kids' Fashion's Holiday 2014 collection

SM Kids' Fashion's Holiday 2014 collection showcases a wide variety of styles — from plains to prints, from laid-back casual to prim and proper looks, and from dresses to tops and bottoms — all ideal for one’s mix-and-match technique. I'm not going to lie, I do my own clothes shopping from SM Kids' Fashion myself if I can get away with it and if they have sizes available, heh. The clothes are all very affordable also that your P1,000 can already get you a lot!

Just look at Jillian Ward's and Andrea Brillantes's clothes ♥
Whatever you decide to get for your children, godchildren, nieces and nephews, and younger siblings this Christmas, just make sure it's wrapped nicely.

My gifts for Hailey involved several sheets from a gift wrapping paper book and washi tapes
Ending this post with a photo of myself with my goddaughter Hailey at her baptism yesterday ♥ 
There you go. I hope I was able to help fellow Christmas rushers like me with this post. Whatever you do, don't panic! Or, you know, panic properly. Good luck! ☆

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