Stepping into my dreams

07 February 2014

Today was like literally stepping into my daydreams and seeing my vision board in 3D.

One of my ultimate dreams is to have my own independent bookshop/ café that I imagined would look really pretty and have a shabby chic vibe complete with mismatched chairs, chandeliers, throw pillows, hand-painted walls, rustic furniture, and lots of flowers — it will be a really nice and cozy place where kindred spirits can share their art or convene and talk about their favorite books over tea and cookies. When I fulfill this dream, I would never have to work again; I will just stay in my bookshop/ café and write all day.

Such a nice dream ♥ It certainly felt like I was seeing it in real life when we went to Maria Luisa's Garden Room at The Makati Garden Club for an ocular earlier today! It's a French restaurant but nevertheless, it was exactly how I envisioned my future bookshop/ café to look like! The place is so quaint and charming and magical that I felt what Mary must have felt when she first walked in to The Secret Garden. Less talk, more proof. Just check out these photos.

Maria Luisa's Garden Room also has these details that I absolutely love:

You know how much I love chandeliers.

Every little brush stroke is unique because everything's hand-painted!

It's so beautiful that I didn't want to leave. I really hope the deal pulls through so we can stage our event here and I can take nicer photos, because I took these using just my phone. I can try to visit again on my own time, sure, but only members and their guests are allowed in the restaurant.

Before going back to the office, we dropped by the prettiest coffee shop I've ever been to, Yardstick Coffee in Esteban Street, Makati.

I loved this Visit-Pretty-Places Day at the office, and I wish we can have more days like this.

Excuse me while I dream about my future bookshop/ café some more. ♥

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