Krissyfied Holiday Gift Guide: Sisters and Girl Friends

09 December 2014

Hello, you beautiful thing.

Yesterday I gave you some suggestions for gifts for your younger siblings, nieces and nephews, and godchildren. Today, I'll give you recommendations for things that I think will make great gifts for your sisters and girl friends.


Books are my go-to gift suggestion for any occasion not only because I would personally love receiving them myself, but also because they are, really, gifts that keep on giving. All books are special, but I admit that I treat books given to me as gifts with more care. You can give a book that has personal meaning for you (I've lost track of  the number of times I have given copies of Paulo Coelho's The Alchemist and Elizabeth Gilbert's Eat, Pray, Love to friends) or you can even give holiday-themed books like Let It Snow or

My True Love Gave to Me
Neil Gaiman shared this video of Bloomsbury Publishing, go and watch! You'll love it. (I think.)

Body Care and Beauty Products

The Body Shop is one of my favorite places to go to especially when the holidays roll around because their gift sets are just too hard to resist, They also release special holiday-themed collections every year — for this year they have Glazed Apple, Vanilla Brulee, and Frosted Cranberry. Seriously you have to visit the nearest The Body Shop branch and sniff these! I'm loving Glazed Apple.

The Body Shop Glazed Apple Bath Jelly (P995) and The Body Shop Glazed Apple Lip Tin (P495)
For when you want to add more shine to your sparkle:
The Body Shop Glitter Eyeliner (P795) and The Body Shop Glazed Apple Sparkler (P1,495)
Meanwhile, one of my favorite local beauty brands Ellana Minerals are already pocket-friendly enough as it is, but now they released Super Deals to make their products even more affordable for us! Perfect for when you have a lot of girl friends as buying in bulk gives you more discount.

Ellana Minerals Christmas Bundle
P899 for P1,500 worth of beauty products
Contains Make It Last Makeup Primer, Oil Absorbing Pumpkin Pie Latte Powder, Lip & Cheek Gel in Ruby, Multi-purpose Powders in Halo and Brilliance, and Crease Eyeshadow Brush
Ellana Minerals Loosse Powder Blush Bundle
P450 for P900 worth of products
Contains five 2g pots of Obsession, City Roast, Harmony, Doll, and Lust
3S Pre-glued Lashes and Adhesive Strand Refill
Available from Beauty and Minerals for P250 each
Perfect for your girl friends who want longer and thicker lashes but can't be bothered with eyelash extensions! These define and make eyes look more wide-opened. Very easy to remove, too, and can last for a long time!

Charm Pocket 5-pc Brush Set
Available from Beauty and Minerals for P500 each
Perfect for your younger sister or cousin who is just starting to build her makeup collection. This set of tools contain all the goodness of being from the Charm brand (which is truly one of the best makeup brush brands I've tried) without the bulk of a full pro set of makeup brushes. Much recommended!


Scheduling stuff with a digital calendar and taking note of things using your phone is cool and all, but (for me, at least) nothing beats pen and paper. I'm using The Daykeeper for next year and I am so looking forward to writing down on it!

Craft Kits

For your friends who, like me, love DIY-ing stuff. Shown in photo is one of my stamp sets and inks from my growing collection of rubber stamps. They instantly add an ounce of charm to everything!

Something handmade

I appreciate when the gifts I get are handmade because you know a lot of thought, effort, and love went into them. If you're good at something, use it. You're even assured that the recipients of your gifts are receiving something one-of-a-kind and truly unique.

Here is something I painted earlier today, because I was inspired by the new Le Petit Prnce trailer
The Little Prince is one of my favorite books of all time ♥ 
Meanwhile, here is something Meream made and sent to me - a papercut bookshelf with a sweet card ♥
I was having a shitty day when it arrived, and it instantly improved my mood
Now who could ever say no to these? Not me. Good luck with the holi-daze and if you're a Christmas crammer (like me), I hope I was able to help and that you'll be able to accomplish at least half of your list already!


  1. Krissy, - i remember you when I saw the trailer! :D

  2. I know! It's such a beautiful book and from the trailer alone I'm sure it'll be a beautiful film, too! And the song is my favorite love song of all time! AAAAAAAAAAH SO EXCITED!!! ^_^

  3. I really, really want that MTLGTM book but I couldn't find a copy at Natio here in Ayala. Hmmm, might try Fully Booked instead maybe they have it. It's been a while since I've purchased a new book (not ebooks!) for reading.

  4. omg the blushes are so pretty!!! and it's on sale too! ugh... too bad they're not available here *SOBS* and wooooo... pretty artworks!!! <3 I love how you somehow found your crafty side and creates so many cute things and I am here to witness it! SO CUTEEEE <3

  5. Yes, try Fully Booked! They have the best Customer Service and Social Media team :) If there are no stocks available they can have a copy from Manila transferred there. Ako naman I'm guilty of purchasing too many books before I finish the ones I already have. I went on an ebook buying spree at Amazon two weeks ago after I got My True Love Gave to Me, and then yesterday I got myself a copy of S. by JJ Abrams huhu. It's a happy problem, though! ^_^

  6. Thank you so much, Tiara! I'm glad you love them! <3


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