See you tomorrow, Babatnin!

31 January 2014

Happy Chinese New Year, everyone! How are you enjoying the long weekend? As for me, I should be packing my stuff because I will sleep over at my friend Marsha's house so we can be ready as early as possible tomorrow for our Babatnin trip.

Babatnin is a charming and picturesque town located in an island off Malolos, Bulacan where my former officemate/ housemate/ very dear friend Ruther lives with his family. To get there, you have to take a 20-minute boat ride across a river and many fishponds. I am not fond of travelling across bodies of water and you'd have to drug me first before you can make me ride a ship, but I do cherish these boat rides mostly because we while away the time just swapping stories, breathing in fresh air, and taking in the views.

Watching the sun rise as we go there and the sun set as we leave is pretty special, too. I am very much looking forward to glorious views of the sunset like this:

Photo credits: Ruther Buluran
Unbelievable, yes?

This is a quote from my old post from last year about our visit to the same place, "Just as I found comfort and serenity in watching the sun rise, there's also a certain peace to be had in watching the sun say goodbye to the day and retire for the night. Sunsets are one of my favorite magical things in the world."

Going to Babatnin is a simple annual tradition my friends from my old job and I have started, and I do hope we can keep doing it for the years to come.

But first, I must pack. Bye for now? I hope you have an equally memorable and special weekend!

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