Review: Revlon Matte Lipstick in Pink About It

24 January 2014

What an exhausting week. I think this is the most tired I've felt since this year started. This has been a terribly busy week in the office, and I had to attend to an extra pile of work today because I was on sick leave yesterday.

But, c'mon, I know you're not here to read my rants so let's just talk about beautiful things. Earlier today, I went outside for a quick break to stretch my legs (okay okay, I walked to McDonald's to get apple pies), and can I just say how beautiful it was? Clear blue skies, windy, with rays of afternoon sun peeking through treetops... It was perfect and it was wonderful. I love working in Makati if only for days like this.

I would want to leave this week on a good note, so let me talk about another thing that makes me happy aside from beautiful days, books, and music: lipsticks. I love how they add more life with just a swipe or two - it's my ultimate favorite makeup product! Now that you know this, you may find it easier to understand why I *gasp* broke my self-imposed shopping ban. After merely three days. You see, I spent so much on books in the first week of the year that I banned myself from buying anything before I've gotten rid of the unused stuff that are just accumulating in my desk drawers, but when my friend's officemate sold a bunch of drugstore makeup products in their office at more than half the price, I couldn't not buy!

Here is a review of the Revlon Matte Lipstick in Pink About It. It's my first non-nude lipstick ever since I dyed my hair red.

Suede-like cushion and maximum color
Glides across lips without any drag, cakiness or resistance
Does not feel dry upon application

Pink About It is a nice salmon pink lipstick that doesn't look too coral nor orange. I prefer using it as an everyday lipstick for daytime looks but I guess it can also be paired with smokey eyes if you plan to use it in night outs or the Oscars/ Grammys, whatever, right? Not too shabby packaging, too.

Revlon is not kidding about the "matte" part, giving it a nice retro vibe that easily brightens the face. The best part about it though is that it didn't dry my lips at all! I've only ever tried it after a swipe of lip balm, though. Put a bit of clear gloss on the center of your lips if you want more dimension.

Crazy pigmented, too! If you do the swipe-blot-swipe technique, it can last for more than four hours (without eating nor drinking) before it fades to a soft pinkish color.

I love that even though it's bright, it doesn't really clash with my hair. I doubt I will finish this lipstick since I still have a lot to rotate in my stash, but in the event that I do I would definitely buy this again. Too bad this color has already been discontinued. Tsk.

No regrets on breaking that shopping ban, although you'll be glad to know that ever since I got this and one other lipstick, I haven't broken it again. And because of that, I deserve a reward in the form of another tube!


Wait 'til you see the other one I got. It's still too bright for my hair so it's still in storage, but I'll definitely post a review of that, too. ;)

Thanks for reading. Have a great weekend, you!


  1. It's so hard to wear any shade aside from nude when your hair is red! :P My favorite hot pink lippie has taken a back seat as it clashes horribly with my hair before (well, until now actually).

  2. I know! My favorite hot pink lipstick is MAC Girl About Town and I haven't worn it for more than a month now. :D


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