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26 January 2014

A lot of people are already familiar with the story of how this blog came to life, but for those who aren't, well, allow me to tell you. In a nutshell, this blog was born when I was busy looking for makeup reviews and tutorials because I wanted to learn how to do my own makeup. The first blogs I followed were local beauty blogs and, after that, blogs I came across to in 20sb. I was already using my now defunct Multiply Journal to log my day-to-day activities back then but I switched when I realized how much more I can do with Blogspot. My early posts were mostly extra-personal stuff like my shopping hauls, wish lists, people I loved hanging out with in places I loved going to, love, and *cringe* heartbreaks. There are several posts I'd like to delete, but I know that doing so won't undo what happened so what's the point? I'll just let them stay here to always remind me of things I have learned. Besides, it's fun to read old posts from time to time and see how much I've grown.

Fast forward to today. I never thought that this blog would lead to my meeting a LOT of wonderful people all over the world and open a lot of doors. I guess when you really love something and you find joy in doing it, then good things always follow. I am fortunate to have been trusted by several brands for partnerships and even though it doesn't make me earn enough to let go of my day job, I'm still happy because I don't want this to be a money-making venture anyway. I know I will start resenting writing here if it's just for money or free stuff, so whatever I get through this blog, I consider them to be just the icing in this delectable cake.

As I said in an old post when someone left a comment about how krissyfied.com feels like a "huge advertising space" now, what I am trying to achieve is a healthy balance between personal posts and stuff I know would interest you and I myself would personally recommend. I may not have gotten my original dream but I'm glad I was able to gain enough credibility, and I would never dream of destroying that just for a few pennies (or, come to think of it, even for a lot of pennies).

I am writing this because I am happy (and proud!) to tell you that I have been chosen to be an Ellana Beauty Advocate, thus the addition of new banner and badges here. So what does it mean? In the interest of full disclosure, it means that for every successful transaction on the site after you click on any of those, a small percentage of the sales goes to my account. Clickthroughs do not earn any revenues.

Ellana Minerals and I go a looong way back (read my story here) and you know how much a fan of the brand I am not only because it's proudly Pinoy but also because I just love their products! Because it's a mineral makeup brand, Ellana's products are non-toxic, hypoallergenic, and non-comodegenic. Really affordable, too! And with the new packaging wonderfully illustrated by Soleil Ignacio, my Ellana Minerals products are now the most photogenic items in my traincase.

I played with my new makeup this afternoon!
I love how it looks and feels like second skin.
Ellana Loose Mineral Foundation in Caramel Latte
Ellana Pressed Mineral Blush Duo in Kitten/ Peach Passion on cheeks
Ellana Lip & Cheek Cream Color in Diva on lips
Ellana Sheer Velvet Mineral Finishing Powder
Even with this new partnership, rest assured that as with all other reviews I post here, all opinions about my future reviews of Ellana products (and there will be a lot!) remain my own. I can't wait to share with you my favorites! I would also like to plan something with them for my birthday celebration this year, we'll see. Right now I'm just positively bubbling with excitement, and I hope you are, too!


  1. I loooove my ellana loose mineral foundation in hazelnut latte! :) I have terrible acne prone skin and it's the only foundie I've tried that didn't make my skin worse. It provides decent coverage and feels light. Congrats on the partnership :)

  2. Exactly! I'm glad Ellana works great for you, too. :) Thanks, Nev! :)

  3. Yay! I really love your blog post. You really deserve it! Can't wait for your blog post about it :D I'm so excited :D

  4. congrats Krissey! I love Ellana too but I find it a lil hassle coz I order it online and shipping fee is always an additional expense. I do hope they reached Cebu this time.

  5. Hey congrats! Yknow when I first used Ellana I was so sad because it looked so dull on me and I'm like "why does everyone look so gorgeous and glowy in it!" (P.S. You do!) But I discovered something and I'm so happy. Pretty na rin ako ngayon, teehee.

  6. Thanks, Purpz! Awww I get what you mean about the shipping fee. Offers of free shipping have always enticed me when shopping online, too!

  7. Hee thanks, Kristel! LOL I still feel weird calling another person that name. :D Yay to being pretty! :D


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