New things are afoot

16 January 2021

Hello, friends! We're halfway through the first half of January,  and it's been quite... a lot.

Early this month I decided I'd like to move out again. I've been living independently since 2008 but briefly moved back home when I changed jobs. In 2018 I moved out again and went home every other week, but had to let go of the place I was renting near my workplace because of the pandemic. I guess there's something about reaching another milestone birthday (I don't know 35 feels like a milestone birthday to me) that makes you yearn for something new. This is not to prove that I can do it; I have proven repeatedly that I could, but I just feel it will be really good for me.

Sure, Tutu! Of course, you can!

Things moved quickly so I guess it's meant to be. The semi-furnished unit has been secured, and I am excited to move into my new space that J will also share as his office and stock room. We're going to paint the walls to freshen up the place and I'm thrilled to have friends who are willing to lend their time to help. I have already listed down the basic stuff we will be needing for the first few weeks so I need to be more prudent with my purchases as budget could be a little tight while I'm adjusting.

I allowed myself a few purchases though, mostly from thrift shops on Instagram. 

There's an art to these shops: you have to be quick and adept to score the pieces you want, and it gives me such a RUSH that I used to get from our live events. I love it! I also need to rebuild my wardrobe and let go of my other clothes that either do not fit me anymore or are no longer age-appropriate, and these shops are an excellent way to do it. Today was my last day to shop for clothes, though, because I already need to buy stuff for my new home. I think I may be nesting.

I also really, really want a rocking chair.

But because the road to spending wisely is paved with temptations, Colourpop announced a collaboration with Animal Crossing today, and you know how obsessed I am with Colourpop AND Animal Crossing. Absolutely OBSESSED!

Thankfully, I have become a more mature adult and even though I am in love with the packaging, I acknowledge that the eye shadow and lipstick shades are shades I already have. I only liked two from this collection, and those two are the only things I'll get for myself. As a treat.

I managed to coax Celeste into my rainbow garden so you best believe I took a gajillion photos

New, exciting things are afoot! My eyes are shimmery with excitement and hope!

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