My Planners for 2021

04 January 2021

I am a huge believer of the power of putting pen to paper, mostly because it has manifested to me in a lot of ways! The most recent proof happened just yesterday, literally one day after I wrote it down on my planner, and I am crossing my fingers it pushes through. Something about the Universe conspiring to help you achieve it when you really want something ;) J also got to see its powers in action, so now writing our goals together have been one of our bonding activities. We revisit them every six months and adjust if needed. When they succeed, we evaluate and move on to another bigger goal. There's something inherently satisfying about this, like we're leveling up after overcoming obstacles and challenges.

And so I have been harping on to my friends about writing down their goals, and what better vessel to contain them than a new planner for the new year? 

Halfway through the longest lockdown in the world, some posts online said the most useless thing they bought pre-pandemic are planners. Well, to them maybe, but to me my planners and journals gave me a safe space to vent away from social media's prying eyes and organized my millions of to-dos. I wouldn't have survived my long hours of work + overtime without my to do lists.

Here are the planners I will be using this year:

Aquamarine Medium Quest Journal, Rouge Everyday Planner, and Disc Bound Belle de Jour Power Planner
There are a lot of resources available online with photos of the Belle de Jour Power Planner so unlike in previous years I will not be doing a flip-through of this anymore. You may check description and photos here

As I mentioned on my previous post, The 5 Year-Journal I wanted to get ran out of stocks and I didn't want to wait until the middle part of January to write in one, so I made a DIY version using my Quest Journal and then just buy refills when needed.

I actually didn't know what to use it for at first, I just liked the color of the cover so I got it, and now I will be writing on it every day for the next five years! I am turning 35 this year so I figured this would be a nice way to chronicle my being 35 to 40 years old. 

For my work planner and to do lists, I chose the Everyday Planner in Rouge. This line of products is by Winnie Wong, and I love how minimalist and no-frills it is. Perfect for my barrage of to-dos come January 5.

Here are more photos.

I love this idea of dreaming Big Goals and breaking them down into smaller, more manageable goals that you can easily work on.

The artworks are so pretty and calming.

I used the inclusive Monthly stickers in the spaces provided.

Look at how clean and spacious it is! I am excited to write and cross off my lists!

I do not think I will be decorating this planner that much as I intend to use it solely for work, but we'll see, maybe I can stick one or two stickers every couple of pages. I even included Neil Gaiman's 2021 Wish on the first page to serve as my guide and inspiration throughout the year.

Planners and pretty pages can never compensate for the government's poor planning, but I am starting with myself, planning for myself, and hopefully the Universe conspires.

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