Dolls Tatler Philippines Goes Disney!

02 December 2018

I love themed events because I enjoy conceptualizing my outfit and props as well as the long and meticulous process of sourcing each piece to make sure they match my vision.

When the Dolls Tattler Philippines (the doll community I belong to) announced a Disney-themed holiday event back in July, I thought of dressing up as Kida [from Atlantis] because I wanted to put my platinum wig I bought impulsively to use. I gave up after a month though because my love for sugary snacks forfeited my right to reveal my midriff. Heh. The White Rabbit from Alice in Wonderland rescued me. 


I sourced each piece individually and what's great about it is that they're not too costume-y and I can wear them separately on other occasions! The skirt came from my own closet and I just put a black 7-layer tulle skirt underneath to make it more billowy. I enjoyed putting everything together and I loved dressing up! 

I made my own rabbit nose using watercolor paper, peach watercolor, and a black Sharpie. I also did my own makeup. The biggest challenge was making sure my wig stays in place because I have long and super thick hair but there's nothing that a ton of clear elastics, bobby pins, and two wig caps can't manage.

Full House!
I'm in great company with Team Alice in Wonderland ♡ 
The party was held in Manila Ocean Park last night and it was indeed a star-studded affair! Everyone in the Disney world who's anyone was there.

Four lucky raffle winners went home with each of these four gorgeous dolls with hand-painted faces and hand-crafted dresses!

Mad Hatter's tea party with special guests
Cruella de Vil and Dalmatians
The Incredibles and Edna Mode
Snow White and the seven dwarves, Prince Charming, and the Evil Queen disguised as an old hag
The Evil Queen, the Huntsman, and the Magic Mirror
I grabbed this photo from the group's Facebook cover photo. See, everyone brought their A-game!

I'm so happy I got to share this with J! We're lucky and thankful that he has a Disney-Marvel costume lying around as he was given free entrance to the event when one of the original attendees had to cancel at the last minute. :)
By the way, if you're on the lookout for Spider-Man costumes, check out his shop Spandex Hero!
Everyone had nothing but praises to the group admins and moderators who organized the whole event; the venue provided the perfect backdrop for the guests and their dolls, the food was great, the program and event hosts Alan and Matt were never boring—everything was well-thought-out!

Aaand the gifts. Oh wow. The gifts were overflowing, thanks to the generosity of Miss Mary Rose who is the founder of the group!

Aside from the loot bag filled with tokens from Miss Mary Rose's travels around the world, everyone went home with his/ her own event doll ♡ 
And the raffle! Earlier that night I told my boyfriend I wish I win the Wonder Woman doll because I already have Hippolyta and Antiope. Never in my wildest imagination did I think I would take home something much better! I am not that lucky when it comes to raffle draws so I was very surprised that I won the Grand Prize!

I got an Integrity Toys doll, a The Industry™ Style Lab Tulabelle True™ Nude Doll.

She is so beautiful! My very first Integrity Toys doll. ♥

Fortunate to have a partner who indulges my hobbies and whims and goes all out in support. Hee. #blessed

I am not as active in the doll community as I would have liked because of all the many different things going on in my life, but I am very thankful for Dolls Tattler Philippines, the admins, its members, and the friends I gained through this group! Collectors supporting collectors. I love it.

Now I'm super excited to dig through my Barbie closet to look for clothes for my Tulabelle, but before that here's an outtake from last night:

I look like a mom running after her kid who's busy buzzing around the playground HAHA! Unboxed my 28-inch Madeline Hatter doll yesterday for this event and she really looked like my child.

This is the best hobby-related event I have attended so far. I am looking forward to going to more!

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