My Althea Korea Wish List

14 December 2018

Eleven days before Christmas! How are you coping with the holidaze?

If I would be asked for my heart's one true desire, I would say contentment with what I have. But since I am not there yet, I say GIVE ME ALL THE THINGS!

Just kidding. I don't really want ALL THE THINGS. I just want clear, glowing, younger-looking skin, and a few key pieces that would add a little bit more sparkle this season.

This is where Althea Korea comes in.

They have all the things to make this happen, and just look at that holiday-themed box I can reuse. ♡ Here is my Althea Korea wish list.

As I said in my review, this is now my favorite sunscreen so I need more: one for my parents' house, one in the condo, and one in my boyfriend's parents' house. Therefore, wish list!

This product is said to be a moisturizer + morning pack + primer + glow cream in one! I need this just for its promise of 30 hours of moisture maintenance.

I loved the MIssha Perfect Cover BB Cream and I am guessing I would love this one as well, only its in a cushion form. The combination of 5 Hyaluronic Acid, Adenosine, and Collagen is said to provide a moisturizing base and help create moist and elastic skin with the brand's special moisture glow.

I just love the colors here! I have a lot of eye shadow palettes I play with regularly but I don't have a coffee-themed palette yet, so this is perfect!

Velvety texture! Bright glitters! And the fact that this is in a giftable box makes my heart flutter with delight!

When using heavy makeup I'd like to switch from using micellar water (that I constantly need to reapply to remove my makeup completely)  and use an effective cleansing oil. I heard that this product does the job and more, and I would really like to try this.

Speaking of cleansing, I would really like to see what the fuss is about with using gadgets/ gizmos like this as opposed to washing my face the normal way. 

I'm getting old, guys. I am turning 33 next year and I need an effective eye cream because I would like to keep wrinkles and dark circles at bay as long as I possibly could. 

This is another product that I am intrigued by and so would like to try. If this wish is granted I can check for you whether its claims to improve skin elasticity and lift the face is true. There are a lot of ways to make the skin look younger. For example, lasers are interesting skincare treatment devices because they bridge the resurfacing and rejuvenation gap. Some laser devices specifically perform resurfacing procedures, also called laser peels. But laser skincare clinicians have been buying cosmetic devices for their clinics for decades that also perform other types of laser rejuvenation procedures. Laser peels are performed by ablative (surface treatment) lasers, which can also treat deeper skin layers in some instances. They eliminate debris and skin cells that are dead to help healthy cells take over.

My friend/ workmate Alex has a bunch of these in the office and last week I tried one and I WAS AMAZED. I also want a bunch of these in my room, or in my work drawer, or in my purse for emergency zit-uations!

So yeah, it's either I get my wishes in this list or, I don't know, begin examining my personal habits like getting enough sleep and exercising? Heh.

How about you, what are your Christmas wishes? I do hope you get every thing on your list. ♡

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