Make Me Smile Mondays // 101016

10 October 2016


Hey, guys. I'm alive.

I'm so happy I finally got the time and energy to sit down in front of my computer for leisure. I don't even remember the last time I got to do this as it feels like I only ever use my laptop for work now and then my phone for social media. I missed blogging so much!

Here are the highlights of my past week. ♥

I got to try BLK 513 for the first time when I met up with the Japan in Manila girls last month. Last week, Seph invited me to the launch of their S' Maison store and I figured out my favorite combination: Dark Skim Cup with ube syrup and Fool's Gold! It's SO GOOD that I had to have it again last weekend! Ube anything is the best. ♥
BLK 513 and ramen with dear friends at our favorite nondescript Korean restaurant somewhere in Macapagal Avenue? Even better. ♥
Sample Room held a contest at the Fujifilm Lifestyle Photofest two weekends ago and my entry won grand prize! I got an Instax Share SP-2 Printer which I've been eyeing for so long now!
My rose gold LuMee from Miah and my gold Instax Share SP-2 Printer. Classy.
First batch of prints from my Instax Share SP-2! I guess it's a good thing I was already too sleepy last night, or I would've used up all my films. Heh. It's so easy to use! I think it's my newest favorite gadget, second only to my Kindle.
Our Saturdate involved traveling from North to South to halfway between the two points and then back to North again. Thankfully the traffic was not too hellish but it was tiring. Not complaining though because I was with this guy. ♥
Aaand I got another toy! This PandaGGuy is SO CUTE!!!
I was too tempted to start working on it right away but I wanted to finish my BearGGuy F first. Hee.
You can't imagine how proud I was of myself when I finished these two. I still need to stick on the stickers for the eyes, though. The hearts are too cute!
Meanwhile, my officemates and I had fun testing my LuMee earlier. Here's my pretty officemate Jean and I. Heehee. I love Jean's golden glow here!
I also got myself a little present today. ♥
This #twinning post is completely unintentional. Alex and I were very amused when we both got to work earlier wearing the same color palette. Hah.

I'm looking forward to the weekend because Miah and I are going to a wedding and I'm so excited to dress up. Ballet Manila's The Swan, The Fairy and The Princess is also happening this weekend and that promises to be very exciting so I hope you can catch a show!

I'm rambling. Sorry, guys. I promise you more cohesive writing on my next post. Thank you for reading and I hope you all have a great week! 

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