Documenting my days

23 October 2016

There are days that pass uneventfully, with nary anything that stands out enough for it to warrant being remembered years later.

And then there are days that fill you with happiness and magic and joy and sparkles that memories of conversations exchanged or a song heard or even a specific scent sniffed bring back those same feelings you felt, multiplied even more by nostalgia. These are the days worth documenting.

One perfect example was last weekend, and those days are what I chose to highlight at today's Fujifilm Instax & Crafts workshop in SM Megamall spearheaded by my friend Ana

Last weekend involved: a wedding; pretty dresses and suits; proving there's no such thing as beginner's luck in the casino (at least for us);

going to the ballet and seeing a swan, a fairy, and a princess dance;

and carnival rides.

I remember these memories with a smile on my face and in my heart while I was doing my two-page spread at the workshop earlier. My sister joined me and I'm glad to have shared this experience with her as she's better than me when it comes to arts and crafts.

Congratulations, Ana! You did an excellent job stimulating the crowd's creativity and spurring them to create their own journals!

I've been purchasing a lot of materials, tools, and thingamajigs for my planner and I'm so glad I am putting them to good use. Cheers to having more time to document my days, and cheers to days worth documenting!

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