Full Metalmouth

21 August 2014

Today is a special non-working day for us Filipinos to commemorate the death of Benigno Aquino, Jr. He is considered a hero because his assassination paved the way for the people to revolt and overthrow Martial Law and the Marcos regime.

Anyway, aside from working from home for a bit, I also got to be productive by going to the orthodontist.

Hello, my friends. We meet again.
The thing I feared would happen four years ago has happened: I am now wearing braces. Again. I wore braces all throughout high school to fix my misaligned teeth and underbite. I used to get bullied for my teeth back in elementary (kids are cruel!) so it felt so good when the teasing stopped. I wore my retainers diligently at first but stopped wearing it when (eeep!) I got lazy. And then, my ortho at the time migrated so I had no one to ask dental advice from.

Fast forward to this year, my teeth that used to be perfect seemed to lose direction again. My lower chompers developed gaps and I had the beginnings of another underbite. Since my sister also has braces, I decided to just see her orthodontists, who are a happily married couple. They put separators on my top molars last weekend.

Today, this happened:

This feels like high school all over again.
It's Throwback Thursday for realsies, y'all. May I remind you of my photo from my 18th birthday?

I know, right?!
Oh well. Kids, that's why you listen to your dentist.

I didn't opt for colored bands because I'm no longer in high school because I feared colored bands will clash with my lipsticks. But who knows, maybe I'll be in the mood for baby pink or baby blue bands next time. I know I'll be avoiding those neon-colored ones, though. Here's hoping it won't hurt as much this time since I should already be used to the pain, LOL.


  1. Oh nooo I'm so sorry! OK I hated wearing retainers 'cause they made me salivate SO MUCH. But I stuck through the recommended wear time (1 year) and did a few more months extra because braces were even worse! Sending you energy for that ~~~

  2. Good for you! I am *so* doing that this time around. Lesson learned! XD


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