Catch up Day

17 August 2014

I have a series of beauty reviews coming up but I don't want this blog to be saturated with too much of those (not that it's a bad thing) so I figured I'd sneak in a quick update on what I've been up to aside from work (just in case any of you guys are interested, heh). ✿♬゚+.(。◡‿◡)♪.+゚♬✿。

A week ago, I went on a roadtrip to Antipolo with my breakfast buddies/ carpool-mates Mike and Ralph so Mike can have his new car blessed at the Our Lady of Peace and Good Voyage Cathedral.

It was a fun trip, punctuated with a stopover at Maginhawa Street to eat. It's been a while since I went there and I'm glad I was able to bring my two close friends at places I used to frequent with my dear friends from HSBC.

I was in the van on my way to work listening to the Magic Morning Show with DJ Mo, Sam Oh, and Mikey Bustos when news that Robin Williams has died broke out. He was one of my favorite actors and I was so affected.

Rest in peace, oh captain my captain. Thank you for your life.

Depression lies, depression kills. If ever you feel the hopelessness and indifference are going to swallow you whole, please, get help.

After being friends online since I was in college and seeing one without the other a handful of times since, I finally got to see Belle and Janelle together! They went to Manila for a quick visit to finalize plans for the business they're building together and I couldn't be happier for them! Dinner was spent talking about books, the current state of Tacloban, and (of course!) Harry Potter!

Now I'm hoping I can also visit Tacloban soon!

I regret to inform you that my mint plant has died. (╯︵╰,)

I'm happy to see this little guy flourishing, though! He sprouted those three little thingies since I got him, and he looks so healthy that I wish he really is a fluke on my apparent lack of a green thumb.

I am going to have braces again. I can't believe I'm going to subject myself to the same torment I went through for about five years but, yeah, it's not like I have a choice. I'm going to have them put this coming Thursday so I have until Wednesday to eat everything I want to eat that would be next to impossible once I go full metalmouth. The only problem is that the ortho placed separators last Friday so it's already a struggle.

Anyway, I spent the weekend at my aunt's house in Malinta. As expected, I was lost in a flurry of stuffed animals, kiddie movies, and lots of giggles.

Baby Gab trying to apply Kiele on Winnie the Pooh
I love my baby cousins.

Of course, I also got to have time for myself.

De-stressed by deep-cleaning my makeup brushes
I tried to read Anna and the French Kiss by Stephanie Perkins but it felt out of sync with my current disposition. Then I remembered I've always wanted to read Sylvia Plath's The Bell Jar but I was a little scared because I know she wrote this as a semi-autobiography. Reading this also reminded me of J.D. Salinger's The Catcher in the Rye.

I've always been fascinated by her and have always related to quotes of hers I see online. One month after publishing this, Sylvia Plath committed suicide. This is her first and only novel. I'm now on Chapter 9, amazed that something published in 1963 could feel so contemporary. I'll try to gather my thoughts and write a review if time (and my mood) allows it.

There you go, folks. Now I'm excited for all my online purchases that are due to arrive this week. I'll turn my computer off for a while and enjoy the rest of my weekend by eating cake. Hope you all have a great week ahead!

Hello, how are you? What have you been up to?


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