Have you found Wally yet?

19 August 2014

My Kindle has become such an indispensable part of my life and I will forever hail how it has made reading a lot more convenient, easier, and cheaper for me.

Still, there are some books that a Kindle or any other ebook reader can never replicate, and although I hardly have space in my room to contain my books anymore, I still keep on buying them. Example situations are when I loved the book so much or when the cover is so exquisite (bonus points if it's a limited edition cover) that I must have a copy that I can hold with my hands. I am a frequent trawler of local bookstore chains, indie bookshops, and second-hand bookstores always nosing around for new buys. For books that are not available locally (like my The Dark Knight Trilogy and screenplays of Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind and Before Sunrise/ Before Sunset), I order online from Book Depository. They ship worldwide for free!

I have mentioned the website in this blog and recommended it to my friends countless times already that I feel like I should be a stakeholder, heh. I can't even remember how many times I've purchased from them! Anyway, I'm sharing this because one of my three orders from a couple of weeks ago arrived today. I'm so happy! 

From Sweden to the Philippines in eight working days
Multiple orders are not shipped together because some of them come from different merchants. Let me share with you what came today.

The Where's Wally Phenomenal Postcard Book
I'm sure kids from the '90s can remember this bespectacled beloved character with the red-and-white striped sweater and blue jeans because he used to be featured in a TV show! In some countries, he's known as Waldo. For the uninitiated, Where's Wally? is like a 'look for the hidden gem' game where you have to look for Wally amidst a flurry of busy and extra-colorful scenarios. Oh gosh how I loved that show. I even had those giant Where's Wally? books and I always got a kick out of beating my playmates to look for Wally!

This postcard book is exactly like those giant Where's Wally? books, except instead of being huge, it's postcard-sized because they are meant to be torn and sent away as postcards! 

Of course if you want to keep all 30 postcards to yourself then you are also free to do so. 。^‿^。 Here are some sample cards. Can you find Wally?

The Cake Factory
The Deep-Sea Divers
Once Upon a Page
Clown Town
Checklist of three additional things you have to look for at the back of the postcard 
Area for the stamp and address of the postcard's recipient
FUN, RIGHT? I am going to keep some of these postcards for my personal collection while some will be sent to my friends. 

Another bonus of ordering from them is getting random bookmarks designed by Book Depository customers included in your order for free.

This bookmark was designed by Simon Kneebone from Australia
You may view the full set of bookmarks for this year here.

Now I am eagerly waiting for the other two books I ordered: a Pixar postcard book and a How I Met Your Mother mini kit with a mini Barney Stinson bobblehead! I am so excited!

By the way, this is not a sponsored post. It's simply a book-lover's kind advice to kindred souls. ♥ 


  1. the postcard is too cute. I remember back then in elementary school I love to play Where's Wally with my sibling.

  2. Cute postcard book! I've always wondered about Book Depository, I've heard wonderful things about it. I usually order my not-available-locally books from the US, and use a forwarding service to ship it here. It's not bad, but to make it more sulit I usually ship it with other products to fill up the box more.

  3. Try Book Depository! You might save money pa since you don't have to buy other stuff to fill up the box hihi.

    I have nothing but great things to say about them. There was an instance before when a month has passed but I haven't received my order yet. Their customer service is nothing but wonderful and they offered to either send a replacement or refund my payment. I opted for a replacement and it arrived promptly. :)


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