A welcome overdose of pink with Pixy

22 August 2014

On the first week of August, I was invited by Liz to join an event to welcome Pixy in the Philippines. Not to be confused with the UK-based brand Pixi, Pixy is a Japanese-formulated and Indonesian-manufactured makeup line that aims to bring us the best of truly Asian beauty.

Whitespace was transformed into a venue for a pink and white cherry blossom-themed picnic party. The place was filled Japanese lanterns, sakura trees, and an intricate table setting. It was beautiful.

Top and skirt - SM Woman | Neckace - SM Accessories | Watch - Sperry | Shoes - gift from Alex 
I'm glad my outfit did not feel out of place. (ღ˘⌣˘ღ)

Hosted by Patty Laurel-Filart, the event introduced the Mandom Corporation's President and CEO Hiroyuki Mitsuoka and General Manager of Sales and Marketing Hirotsugu Ohashi to the press. I feel bad that I had to miss the rest of the program because I had to run to a meeting, but Xeng Zulueta also gave tips and tricks on how to achieve Tokyo Kawaii and Tokyo Glam looks using Pixy products.

We all got to take this bucket filled with Pixy products home
Forgive my prejudices, but I have to admit that when I first learned about Pixy, I dismissed it as a so-so brand because... I don't know, maybe I dismissed it as too cutesy for my {newly-acquired} preference for more "age-appropriate" things? Boy was I so wrong. I tested the products given to us and I found myself falling in love with this drugstore brand! The Ultimate Makeup Cake and Silky Fit Lipstick became instant favorites. ♡ Pardon my zit, it was that time of the month when I took this photo, but here is a simple everyday look I came up with:

I used the Ultimate Makeup Cake in Natural Buff on my face, the light color of the Sparkling Gold Eye Shadow as lid wash and the darker color as brow powder, Volumizing Waterproof Mascara and Perfect Eyeliner, both in Black, Blush On in Passion Roses on my cheeks, and the Silky Fit Lipstick on Autumn Apricot on my lips. I am SO HAPPY with that eyeliner, btw.

Pixy products are affordable, extremely wearable, and incredibly easy to use. Personally, I would recommend it to students and makeup newbies who are just starting to build their own makeup collection. Those who already have an extensive collection might also want to check this brand out because when it comes to cosmetics, Japanese-formulated brands are always winners.

I will publish a more comprehensive post concentrating on the products I got, but for those who would like to see and test the products themselves, Pixy products are now available in Watsons branches. You may also check out their Facebook page here. Seriously, you have to try the lipsticks! My only lament is that I wish this brand was already around when I was in college because my old makeup kit totally would've rocked these pink tubes and palettes.

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