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16 February 2014

My Barbies, dollhouse, and play kitchen were my favorite playthings when I was young, but I also snuck into my brother's toy chest lots of times to play with his Lego sets. I didn't care that they were meant to be played with by boys - I had a great time constructing many different houses using different colored Lego bricks.

When I saw the trailer of The Lego Movie for the first time, it brought so much nostalgia that I knew I had to watch it on the big screen.

I can watch movies alone but I felt this is something that is best watched with a group but I had no one to go with. My chance came when I babysat my sister Kyla and cousin Jeco yesterday; I took them to TriNoma so we could see the movie together!

And it didn't disappoint. The Lego Movie was spectacular! Alex was right: it's a verrry hyper movie! It's every bit as hyper as the trailer suggests it to be! I mean, sure, it felt a wee bit too long for a kids' movie, but there was no dull moment. The production was brilliant, the cast was stellar, and the lines were ultra-funny! I especially liked Batman (but of course, duh) and his Bat-Puns. It was a very creative movie and delivered so much fun that I am willing to forgive some cliché‎s and how they missed out on giving Wonder Woman a more proactive role. Great job!

More than anything, the movie reminds us how much fun playing with Lego bricks are while armed with just our imagination. It also further cements Lego's title as one of the - if not THE - best toys in the world ever.

I also think this "Behind the Bricks" featurette and Blooper Reel are hilarious. Sharing them here because I'm a sucker for things like these hee.

The cinema was filled with people of all ages and it was erupting with laughter at almost every scene because if they're not delivering funny one-liners, one thing or another is doing some funny bit in the background. What a silly movie, I enjoyed it so much!

Here are some photos from our day out in TriNoma yesterday. Aside from the movie, we also had a great time in Timezone. ^_^

Giant Fruit Ninja!
The tickets we *worked* hard for
Biscottino and Chocolate Peppermint gelatos in Gelatissimo
Everything is awesome! Everything is cool when you're part of a team! Go see it if you still can! The song is still stuck in my head LOL.


  1. Oh my, it's a perfect match! Are you still using cafe mocha? I think we're the same shade.

  2. Bat-puns! I'm sold!!! Looks like it was a pretty great day.

  3. The Bat-puns were all hilarious :D Watch it with your family!


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