So this was Valentine's

15 February 2014

A month ago I came across a post by Miss Pam Pastor on Facebook asking for respondents to a survey about love in the digital age. Well, I'm a sucker for surveys (and romance, heh) so I messaged her about taking part in it. The results came out as a special Valentine's Day feature by the Super staff on Philippine Daily Inquirer today and yay, I was quoted in the article!

Others say it's their environments that are not conducive to finding love. Krissy, 27, pointed out: "I'm in an industry where there are predominantly more women and gay guys than straight men."
There's also a quote by a certain Merwin saying, “I will meet this person in a bookstore. I have always believed this!” What bookstore does he hang out in and why haven't we met yet?? LOL

I am not against dating apps (the most popular nowadays is Tinder) but personally, I don't think I would be using one. I've had my share of creeps who are only looking for hookups for me to know that it's not something I want. When I meet The One (if I haven't met him yet), I'd prefer it to be like a meet-cute and for the romance to happen organically. I blame many hours of watching romantic comedies and reading chick lit for this notion! But, yeah, I know a real relationship takes lots of work but if it gives me the shivers, then I would be very much willing to work for it.

You can read the full article here. It's quite long but it's an insightful read about people trying to find love in the time of dating apps, single men and women being pressured by their relatives to start their own families, and happy (or not) couples who have already tied the knot.

Speaking of Valentine's Day, how did you spend yours? Like the few Valentine's Days that have passed, I spent it unhitched but not alone - with my friends from my carpool service and friends I met through my work.

A huge floral heart was erected at the Ayala Triangle Gardens specifically for the occasion. Sweeeeet.
Yummy Chinese feast at Shanghai Bistro
I also got gifts!

A single-stemmed hot pink rose from Rica and chocolates from Ralph and Mike
From Vaseline
And, I'd also like to share with you my favorite xkcd comic just because.

Angular Momentum
However which way you spent this Hallmark Holiday, I hope you ended it (and all the rest of your days) with love!

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