My first Blogspot The Week That Was post

19 August 2009

Let me give you - non-readers of my Multiply journal - a brief introduction before I go on. Ü

I am renting a pad in Quezon City with my friend/ officemate Asther so it would be easier for me to go to and from work. And of course, I wanted to exercise and practice being independent. Unfortunately we don't have a computer there so what I do is I cull what happened the rest of the week and make a The Week That Was post out of them that I post during my rest days whenever I am in my parents' house and have access to my computer. I am still without a laptop (boo) and I cannot bring my computer to the pad because my younger siblings need them for school.

So, without further adieu, I bring my first Blogspot The Week That Was. Ü

August 13
My officemate Henry bought my very old and battered but still functioning perfectly Nokia 3315! Haha! If any of you guys remember it this phone was released way back 2002. I have been meaning to use it as a back-up phone for my Sun Cellular sim card but because of it being super old and all I was already a little embarassed to use it in public. Now that Henry bought it I did not have any qualms at all about getting myself one of those cheap Nokia phones like the 1208 or 1209. I just wanted something I can just whip out anywhere without worrying someone might snatch it. The phone models I mentioned are dirt cheap that I am not afraid any robber will want to get hold of it XD And of course battery life is important for me as well since I would mainly use Sun Cellular for calls. They offer the lowest rates on phone calls, anyway ;)

After work my friend/ officemate Mich and I took advantage of the office diner's free Internet and then went afterwards to McDonald's to spend my windfall (haha!) and because I was seriously craving for McFlurry. But then when we got there I ordered large fries and Coke Float instead. Yum! Fastfood orgasm! My thighs will probably hate me in the future when I develop cellulite but at the moment I just don't care. I'm eating them empty calorie-laden fries! :D And yeah, it was super fun swapping stories with a friend over fast food.

August 14
My friend/ officemate Sasha and I went to the snazzy Cyberzone in the newly-built SM North EDSA - Annex to get myself a new phone. I am telling you, I am not a techie but seeing all those gadgets made me want to suddenly bring out a credit card (I don't have one, mainly because I know I am not yet that financially responsible) and swipe endlessly.

Anyway, I told you I wanted to get myself a cheap phone, and I did! It was a Nokia 1209. Click here for the specs, if you want haha! (I'm pretty sure there's nothing much there.) I got it for just P1,550. Yay! :D

August 16
I went home to Navotas because I didn't know we needed to wear formal clothes the next day as we will be having a pictorial for the Group Directory. I would have been alone at the pad anyway because Ar will be going with our friends/ officemates to Bulacan so it's all good. I know I should practice being independent now more than ever because Ar and I rarely see each other at the pad ever since she transfered to another department but I don't know, I get lonely when I am alone there. As much as possible I want someone to be with me so going home out of schedule was okay.

August 17
Pictorial day! And guess what, it did not push through so we had no choice but to wear formal clother again the next day X[ This did not sit very well with me since I was supposed to go home to Navotas after work but what can I do, right? So I just sucked it in and smiled.

Dane and I went to UP Diliman after work so he can inquire how he can get in the MBA program. Wow. I wanted to study again as well and take up Creative Writing but I don't think I can fit it in my schedule right now. But we'll see.

Here's a photo of us. Ü

I wore: a brown collared top with ribbon tied at the back, black skirt, Primadonna oxford booties, accented with a dark brown flower corsage

August 18
The pictorial pushed through! I went to the office even though it was my rest day just so I can have my photo taken. I was with Mich who incidentally was in VL. Before we went home she decided to return the favor from Thursday and treated me to yummy arroz caldo from the company diner and bagels from Country Style.

So what did I wear?

I wore belted purple and beige striped dress by Juana and Havaianas Flash Etnics in Golden Sun and accessorized with a dark bronze headband and bronze bag

I actually wore my Primadonna oxford booties for the pictorial but kicked them off for my more sensible Havs on my way home. This photo was taken on our way to the UP-Ayala Technohub. Mich wanted to go there to check the Apple center for iPod accessories, reason being is she just got herself an iPod Chromatic! :D

Mich with her new baby

So there, that was my first The Week That Was post in my Blogspot account. I think I am slowly getting the hang of it again. Can't wait to post more! :)

Gonna leave you with this:

Authentic Laime Paris scarf with cherry prints

I won this in an eBay bidding for the unbelievably low price of P46! Add the shipping fee of P70 and I've got myself a real bargain! I adore cherry prints (I have long been wanting to do a nail art of them) and this is a welcome addition to my already-bulging at the seams closet. Which reminds me, I would like to do an online sale of some of my clothes and accessories soon! I am a very impulsive shopper (if you look at this album it will be very obvious to you) and most of the stuff I bought just ended up in my closet, unused. So when I do my online sale I hope you peeps will take a look at them and see whether you like anything ;)

And... we'll watch this on Friday:

The Time Traveler's Wife
starring gorgeouses Eric Bana and Rachel McAdams

Judging from the book this is supposed to be good, and I am a sucker for these kinds of movies so yeah, I'm excited!

Will say ta-ta for now, I'll be back soon! ♥♥


  1. awww...welcome back sweetie! was wondering what happened to you. oh and i love that purple dress you are wearing. it's so cute

  2. thanks mel! i was not really gone, i visited this blog everyday pa rin but i blog on multiply. but now i'm back in blogspot, and hopefully for good :D

    my ma got the dress for me, it's one of my faves actually, thanks! ♥♥

  3. me din! i wanna watch the time traveler's wife :D

  4. hi joyce, i'm super excited for the movie! :D

    i hope we seventeen sigaw sisters can get together uli, i'd love to hang out with you all! (just like before, except we mainly did it online :D) how about on the next candy fair? :)

  5. Look how busy you are!

    Speaking of that nokia phone, I so remember it. I had the similar one way back in the days.

  6. the best part about my job is that i get off work as early as 2pm and then i'm already free to do whatever i want :D


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