From flip flops to surprise birthday parties to babies.

26 August 2009

This week I...
  • got myself a treat!
Havaianas Slim Stripes in yellow

black and white striped footbed with yellow straps

Isn't that a cheery color combination? Instant pick-me-upper! Ü

And since we are in the topic of flip flops, let me share some of my favorite pairs, in no particular order, all bought last year.

Havaianas Fairy in Branco

This is originally for Kids but they also designed limited pairs in adult sizes. It is actually my first pair. I did not want to buy them before but when I saw the fairies design (and they're glow in the dark as well!) I just had to succumb! Thus started my "obsession".

Havaianas Flash Etnics in Golden Sun

This is the only pair I can wear in the office because we're not allowed to wear flip flops :D

Havaianas Australia LE Stedman Bones

This pair is designed by Aussie Luke Stedman. I love how it says 'left' and 'right' on the footbed. I also love the crossbones pin on the straps and its pirate theme.

Havaianas Top Logo Silver Metallics in Acai

This is a Limited Edition and came in a snazzy silver box. It was even covered in dainty tissue paper. I love the metal logo. Ü

Havaianas LE Saks Fifth Avenue - Trish McEvoy

Saks Fifth Avenue teamed up with Havaianas to benefit charity:water. I love its beachy-feel and the powder-blue and pink color combi.

Havaianas Kids Candies in hot pink

This is another kids design released on adult sizes as well. I love its color and the candy prints. Add to that the glittery cupcake pin on the strap, very cute indeed!

Now I love my pairs but it is clearly very expensive to continue on collecting them. I plan to not buy another pair for the next few months (since these are very sturdy, very good value for money I tell ya) but if I see my dream pair then maybe I won't be able to stop myself. My dream pair? This:

Havaianas LE Batman in black

Batman is my ultimate favorite superhero and to have this pair will be truly awesome! However the stores are already out of this pair and if I manage to find one it'll be second hand anymore. Nothing wrong about that but when it comes to shoes (or any kind of footwear for that matter) I prefer them brand new.

  • attended a surprise birthday party!
Last Saturday was Myk's - a classmate from college - birthday. His boyfriend and friends were all so nice to throw a surprise birthday party for him! His party was named Myk's Sweet 16 + 8. Very clever, yes? :D

(from left to right) Grace, Ed, Joseph, Mines, Me

Ed invited me and I couldn't say no to him so I did! It was potluck and I brought brownies and chocolate crinkles. Sweets for the sweets from Sweet. Ü

Me with Kuya Myk

Me with Ed

Me with Kenneth

It was lotsa fun! And the celebrator did not spend a dime! Can someone throw a surprise party for me as well? Kidding! :D Shame I had to leave early. But we'll def do this again, yeah?

  • visited my goddaughter Kaylee
Meet my pretty goddaughter Kaylee Brent

She is Dianne's - one of my bestfriends since high school - daughter. I finally got to visit her again! The last time I saw her was on her christening four months ago! I am such a terrible godmother :( I meant to visit her eons ago but work and other things got in the way. Basically when I'm in Navotas her mother's at work, and when they are free it is I who's at work. The last time I saw her she was just so tiny and now, look at how she has grown!

Mother and daughter

There are times I still cannot believe Dianne is already a mom. I mean, we grew up together and went through A LOT together. Think puberty, awkward adolescent phase, first boyfriends, first heartbreaks, first soirees, and an awful lot of fights and making-ups. We used to be babies, and now she is taking care of one! Given the present circumstances I know she went through (and is going through) a lot as well, I just wish I could be there for her as much as I did before... And I promised myself I will. Ü

I need to sleep now... Back to work again tomorrow! But I'm actually looking forward to it... This weekend is payday baby! And guess who's going shoe-shopping on Saturday? Me! ♥♥


  1. Oh wow, those are all so summery :) I havent worn sandals in a while, I should to balance ll the heels maybe :)

    ps. your goddaughter is soo cute:)

  2. Hmm I seem to be the only person I know who does not have a Havaianas pair...

    Your goddaughter is a cutie. :)

  3. Great Havaianas, they are so comfy.

  4. @ Andhari: there's nothing i love more than a fierce pair of heels! but flipflops offer reprieve for my feet when commuting :D

    and thanks! she's a cupcake :)

    @ Myam: try to get one! the designs from the 2010 collection are so pretty! :) thanks, your compliments will def reach her mom :)

    @ Havaianas: indeed :)

  5. Hi Krissy!

    Ooohh...I'm in love with that pair of Fairy Havaianas. So cute!
    I might need to get them, since we're going on vacation soon:)

  6. oh wow, i love vacations! but i cannot have any more this year because i already ran out of VL credits x_x


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