I died. Then I woke up, and I'm alive again.

31 August 2009

I had the weirdest dream last Friday night.
You know that kind of dream where you have this weird feeling like this could not be happening, yet it feels so real that it's impossible to be just a dream? This dream is one of those.
In my dream, I was rushing on the second-floor corridor of San Jose Academy, the school where I graduated elementary and high school from. I was wearing my school uniform and was really worried because I was already late. I finally reached the classroom where one of my previous teachers had already started the lesson for the day. She saw me and stopped the discussion just so she can reprimand me for being late. I remember feeling confused and thinking, "Wait a minute. How can I still be in school? I'm already working for godssakes." But I just bit my tongue, apologized and strained myself to listen to the lesson. 
Moments later, a big fire erupted on the ground floor. We looked outside to see what's happening and were terrified to see the fire quickly spreading until it reached a room that contains kerosene, gasoline and other highly-flammable materials (which isn't really there in real life, heavens no!) There's no other way out, we're going to die! I closed my eyes, made the sign of the cross, told myself that I love my family so much, and then, nothing. I opened my eyes and was surprised at what I saw! It was exactly like a scene from the movie "What Dreams May Come"! Everything was more vibrant, radiant and the colors just pop! It was beautiful! I figured this must be like when a person dies. I was thankful of my quick and painless death and looked at my body to check if there were any damages, but there weren't any. I felt light, happy and content, like nothing could go wrong. Most of all I became aware that I was not concerned anymore about the things I have left undone. Suddenly I was out of the classroom and was standing in the rooftop of a very tall building with three other people (whose names have already escaped me). I wondered if we would already be able to fly. There's only one way to find out, yes? I jumped out the window! I was already halfway down when I first became afraid. Scary thoughts filled my head, "What if I'm still alive? Then technically I am committing suicide!" I had no time to dwell on those thoughts though because just before I let my brains get scattered on the floor I suddenly stopped falling, and began to fly.
It was amazing.
And then I thought that perhaps I can visit someone from the world of the living. I hesitated on going to my parents' house because I know they would have been so depressed.Only one name popped out my mind: Dane. I said his name, and suddenly he was in front of me. He was wearing a black shirt and walking alone in a mall. I called his name, and he seemed to have heard me though he cannot see me. 
Krissy: Sweet!
Dane: Sweet mo ba ako? (Am I your Sweet?)
Krissy: Oo naman! (Of course!)
Dane: Bakit? (Why?)
Krissy: E kasi love mo ako... (Because you love me...)
And he smiled, and I hugged him. I know he cannot feel me nor see me, but it certainly looked (and felt!) like he did. I saw his smile one last time, and then I woke up.
Until now I can still remember how sweet that dream was. And no I am not refering to the latter part of the dream.Somehow it got me thinking about how life is indeed short so we just have to make the most out of it. Imagine dying just like that, one snap and you're gone. I guess I would prefer to be prepared.
So yeah, I am happy that I woke up after that dream and thankful to be alive. Ü


  1. OMG it was creepy, at first but the ending is really beautiful. I think it amazes me that you remember your dreams, i would have been forgetting all about it in a couple of hours after I wake up. Bad habit.

  2. i often have that dream where i'm back in school, too! haha.

  3. @ Andhari: I suppose I am supposed to be creeped out, seeing that I died on that dream, but I am not. It's so weird :D And yeah, I also get that way sometimes, when I wake up thinking I had a really awesome dream but it sucks that I cannot remember a thing x_x

    @ Jackie: Hmm, maybe it's our subconscious saying we miss school? :D

  4. Ang sweet ng ending :D
    Grabe feel ko sis sa super busy ko lately, when i wake up, lipad kaagad yun dreams ko i cant remember them :p

  5. i also don't know why the details of this dream stuck to my mind.. as in everything down to what dane was wearing! it even didn't feel like a dream, it felt sooo real... hmm, maybe i was time traveling? :)

    i also get dreams that i immediately forget once i wake up, or forget when i start to tell them to my friends.. weird how our minds work eh? sometimes nga gusto ko bumili ng separate notebook na parang dream journal eh :D


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