I am Krissy, and I am back. Ü

19 August 2009

Wow. This blog has been on hiatus for MONTHS. Sorry about that. But I haven't really gone anywhere you see. What happened is that I just updated my Multiply journal more frequently. It got too taxing to maintain more than one blog, what with me being able to go to my parents' house and use my computer only two days a week since I am at the pad I am renting with a friend/ officemate the rest of it. But even then I make sure I read the blogs I follow every time I get the chance. So I haven't completely been out of the loop. :)

Now I'm back, and hopefully for good. I have decided to use Blogspot for my blog posts and Multiply for photo albums.

Next comes another post about The Week That Was. (It is a tradition I started in my Multiply - since I am only able to update once a week at most I make sure I recount how my week went through words and photos.) I am looking forward to meeting more people and following more blogs. And of course, being inspired by your posts as well.

So, missed me? ;)


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