Answering a tag and some updates Ü

08 April 2009

My first post as a 23 year old is an answer to a tag by Myam, a wonderful crafter/ blogger from Cebu whose works I stumbled upon online one boring afternoon Ü

The rules are:
1. Mention the person who nominated you.
2. List 6 unimportant things that make you happy.
3. Tag 6 blogs, state the rules, and notify them with a teeny comment on their blog.

Soooo, here's my list Ü

1. Skittles
I don't know, maybe it's because of the rainbow colors, maybe it's the sweet-sour taste, maybe it's because it was my favorite candy since time immemorial, but Skittles are my happy pills! Whenever I am in the dumps all it takes is a bag of Skittles to cheer me up.

2. Zagu Natural Dalandan
I love pearl shakes! And I loooove citrus fruits! So natural dalandan puree plus ice blended drink plus black tapioca pearls is equal to pure happiness! Refreshing indeed!

3. shoes
44 shoes. That is my last count. But I don't care. I am addicted to shoes and I think I am going to keep buying them until I go broke. Eep I hope not! I can argue that they are important so they shouldn't be here, but when you already lost count of how many pairs you own I think that already poses a problem so they should be included in this list already ;)

4. hearing my favorite song on the radio (after not hearing it for quite a while)
Yes I know iPods and mp3 players and digital playlists all make hearing your favorite songs so convenient and within reach, but there is something so beautiful in hearing a favorite song on a local FM station, without you requesting for it. You were young, you had a favorite song, you listen to it all the time, and then you grow up and forget about it. And then one day wham! A local FM radio station plays it and you relive the memories of your favorite song. You then download it so you can enjoy it for posterity. I know this has happened to you, too. Ü

5. thrift shopping
Read this and this and you'll see. Ü

6. Tumblr
I can stay on it all day. It's awesome that you can reblog other people's posts. And you cannot believe what a treasure trove it is for awesome photos, quotes and what-nots. I repeat, I can stay on it all day. Here's my Tumblr. Not much on it yet though Ü

Books (especially when they're on sale and hard to find), watching movies (in the big screen or DVDs) and writing are all important.

Suffice it to say that I am really a happy person and I can be so perky that it sometimes annoys my friends/ officemates. I am an eternal optimist and (I think) the only thing that can make me feel down in more than a couple of hours is a really bad case of PMS. But otherwise I am a speck of sunshine and positivity so I guess the things in my list are just icing on the cake ;)

Now I am tagging Mel, Andhari, Anagon, Mich, Jonas, and Recks! Ü

I am sorry I haven't been able to update this blog for awhile now. It's a bit tough since I don't have an Internet connection in the apartment. My Multiply is constantly updated though, I just find it easier to blog there because almost all my friends are in there.

I thought of creating The Week That Was posts since I am only able to update my Multiply weekly, that is every time I go home to my family. You might want to check them out:
It contains a recollection of the things that happened to me in a week. It is an excellent way to record memories and update my online journal and my friends Ü

Meanwhile my birthday post can be read here. And photos from my PINK POSITIVE party can be found here Ü

So yeah, thank you for reading this, until next! ♥♥


  1. I love skittles. Thanks for tagging me :)

  2. That was fun. I just finished doing your tag. thanks so much. have a happy weekend

  3. oh I use to have the same skittle tic with M&M's... but more when I was nervous... I'd just eat a small bag of M&M's and I was ready to go!



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