Life update: I got engaged!

14 June 2023

In the midnight of our eighth anniversary as a couple, J and I decided to get married. ♡ 

About a year from now, on 6-12-24, I am going to be a wife. 

I barely slept because I was too excited! I wanted to tell my closest friends but we decided to tell our respective families first.

We took his parents and sister Chelsea out the next day, and after a late lunch and a movie, we told them over coffee and waffles. The news was positively received. :) When we got home, we called my Mama, who was so happy but almost immediately demanded a grandchild, LOL.

We also called my friend and sunshine-in-a-box Ed and his husband Mark to relay the good news. 

The call was filled with laughter and tears, especially when I asked Ed to be my Man of Honor. After everything we both went through in our friendship, truly, there could be nobody else. 

J got me two rings:

One that is undoubtedly me (floral and multi-colored!) that I would choose to wear most of the time; 

and a classic ring with a pretty prism moonstone that dances in the light.

We have one solid year to plan, but it's going to be just a small wedding so I am not yet feeling stressed about it. Our priorities are to make sure the venue is nice, the food is good, and the photos and videos are amazing. I am even seriously thinking about doing my own makeup.

Dusted off my secret Pinterest wedding board heehee.

We have yet to decide on all other details, but if there's one thing I am sure of it's going to be colorful and warm and full of joy.

I can't wait to be married to the love of my life. :)


  1. Congratulations! Silent follower here-- been following you for more than a decade na ☺️ so happy for you ❤️ -nev

    1. OMG thank you so much I am so kilig! Thanks for sticking around despite the lack of posts lately. ♡ Hope you are always well!

  2. Congratulations! It's so cool he gave you two rings. I'm sure your wedding will be amazing. <3

    1. Thanks, Kat! We're having so much fun planning! <3


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