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25 April 2023

J and I met matched eight years ago today. I've been very open about the fact that we met via Tinder, as I am an advocate of the belief that you can meet friends (or even the love of your life) anywhere. There are some friends I met online or through my numerous hobbies whose relationships with me are tighter than those of friends I made in school or at work.

I am feeling nostalgic today so how about a little trip down memory lane?

April 25, 2015
This was me in the old Powerbooks (now an H&M) at Greenbelt 3. I went there to support Mina Esguerra's book launch before I went to my own e-book launch
J and I matched and talked for a bit on Tinder as I was getting ready to leave the house, and then continued our conversation via Facebook Messenger when I got home at around 10PM until we called it a night at 2AM.

June 2015
TOMS One Day Without Shoes
This was a work event that was open to the public so I was able to invite him. In here he got exposed to the work I do and the [PR] world I live in.

April 2016
We started celebrating our meet-anniversary

April 2017
Our first time to travel out of the country together

April 2018
In 2017 I was diagnosed to have myomas. As it might be a problem in case we decide to have kids in the future, the nuisances had to be removed so I had a myomectomy. It was a major operation and I was able to enjoy a two month-paid leave to ensure full recovery. My family, J, and his family supported me all the way.

April 2019
Our second time in Singapore together.
We went outside at night to take photos of him in his Spider-Man suit and we chanced on this yellow umbrella at the bus stop. We couldn't not recreate the iconic yellow umbrella scene from How I Met Your Mother

February 2020
One of our last couple of dates before the world shut down because of the pandemic. From renting an apartment near my old office in Makati, I had to move back to my family in Valenzuela. J and I didn't see each other for almost seven months.

July 2021
The year of several transformations. I turned 35 this year, and I felt something in me shifted. I moved out of my family's house again, quit my old job, learned how to cook, lost my Tatay, and got a new job.

May 2022
We voted and promptly got disillusioned. J got depressed for a couple of weeks after the national elections, which is very understandable. I wish there is an alternate universe where our presidential bet could have won, but this is our country's current reality, and it sucks. 

March 2023
Celebrating eight years together this year. Can't imagine going through life without you by my side.

I recently blogged about getting our new puppy Lucy. It's only been six days but to be honest my memory about our life together before Lucy is slowly getting fuzzy. It's nice to be reminded of where we've been, and where we are going.

I love you, J. I am so thankful we matched, and that we chose each other over all the other people we matched with! We got it right. ♡

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