First time fur parent

24 April 2023

Major life update: we got a dog!

My dog. Our dog. Five days in and I still can't believe it.

Friends, meet Lucy. She's a shih tzu and she's the sweetest little puppy. 

Here's the story of how she came to be a part of our little family.

A month ago, J's uncle offered us a doxiepoo (cross between a dachshund and a poodle, v cute). I didn't really think of myself as a dog person as the only pets I experienced taking care of are a martinez bird and fishes in a fish tank, and if anything I was looking to adopt a cat. But the doxiepoos captured our heart and we chose a black-colored puppy with a white mark on her forehead. Since they were only two weeks old at the time, we were told we could get her by May or June.

We looked forward to it, and I even started adding to my online shopping cart cute little dresses and collars I wanted to make her wear. We even named her Vienna. Vienna = sausage = because she was a sausage dog.

Unfortunately, she died. :( We were heartbroken but after a couple of days of thinking about it, chose another puppy from the litter. This time, it was a black-colored boy puppy with white markings on his belly and paw. I scrapped the dresses in my online shopping cart and chose stuff for a boy puppy instead. We named him Cole, and we were very excited because we were told we could already get him over the weekend. Cole = coal = because of his black fur.

Sadly, whatever afflicted Vienna must have affected the rest of the litter because they also didn't make it. They passed away on Tuesday morning. I was DEVASTATED. I was too sad when J's uncle messaged me about the bad news that I had to skip the rest of the work day. Thank God for considerate bosses and workmates that I was given the chance to grieve and let myself be sad.

However, I was dead-set on getting a puppy so I looked around Facebook Groups offering puppies for adoption for free. I was actually talking to another fur parent already about adopting one of her puppies, until Kookee (J's brother Jecco's girlfriend) messaged me about a surprise.

 We picked her up on Wednesday after work. ♡ 

My first picture with Lucy
We were choosing between Luna and Lucy for the name, but when we saw her, she's definitely a Lucy.

First time to go to the mall!

Kookee even drove us to the mall so we could buy essentials and food for her. Thank you, Ninang Kookee! We are so grateful.

Cutie Lucy

We got her a really nice bed but she prefers sleeping on the floor because it's been so hot and humid lately.

No worries though because J boought her her personal electric fan and an air conditioner yesterday. Wow! Last night was the first night she slept on her bed. :")

Hehehehe she looks like she has another dog face on her back

Lady Lucy

Out and about to get a package downstairs
The harness and carrier came from Sarah, who sent a lot of stuff over! She even sent a bottle of Beachborn Beachdog Pawnitizer.
Thank you, Ninang Sarah! 

We spent the long weekend just acquainting ourselves with her here at home, As per the vet's recommendation, her first vet visit will be on Wednesday. They said puppies need to adjust in their new home for at least a week as vet visits can be quite stressful for them. I'm looking forward to having her vaccinated so we can already take her out and meet other fur babies!

So there! I never imagined I'd be a first time fur parent at 37, but here we are, and it's been nothing but joyful. :) My favorite part is when I fix up her meals and she gets too excited that she wags her tail, and whenever J or I or both of us play with her and she wags her tail. Basically I love when she shows us she's happy by wagging her tail. :")

I also didn't think I'd be the kind of person that will open social media account for her dog, but here we are. She's on Instagram and TikTok, please follow her if you'd be so inclined. I am amazed at how much more reactions my Instagram Stories about her get as compared to my regular IG Stories HAHA. 

Thank you for loving Lucy. ♡ 


  1. What a cute little puppy! She's going to be grow up pampered with lots of love and treats, I can already see it! <3 Being a fur mom is such a milestone, and a start of an exciting journey. Congrats to you! :D

  2. Looking forward to learning her personality! Pets are a hoot.

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  4. Ohhh, hi there Lucy! You and my dog, Pancho, have the same colors. I hate to break it to you but as you grow older, it'll fade but you'll look good no matter what. My babies Pancho and Pluto say hi! :)


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