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Review: blk Cosmetics Multi-Tasking Color Stick in Merlot

When putting makeup on I love playing with different color combinations and checking which colors go best with which. I like rotating my palettes and products so I rarely do the same look more than thrice. While this is the ideal scenario, most days, I am too busy and pressed for time that I can barely take my makeup out of storage let alone compose a whole new different look. Days like this, multi-tasking makeup products are a lifesaver.

For our 51st month together, I asked J for the blk Birthday Sparkle Gloss in Confetti that he willingly obliged to, but of course I just HAD to swatch the other blk products while we were inside the blk Cosmetics Glorietta store. Long story short, aside from the lip gloss I initially wanted, the blk Cosmetics Multi-Tasking Color Stick in Merlot also came home with me.

The Multi-Tasking Color Stick is from blk Cosmetics' Universal line that is universally flattering and caters to makeup enthusiasts regardless of gender and complexion. I love its simple and understated packaging. Uncomplicated beauty, indeed!

This makeup product can be applied as a blush, lip color, eye shadow, and even as a highlighter or contour, depending on the shade. It is creamy, blend-able, and buildable, so you can go from sheer to heavy according to your preference.

Merlot is a medium rosy pink that gives a soft, warm flush from within. Perfect for when I want that fresh-out-of-the-gym look! To use, just dab lightly on your desired areas and blend! I just use my ring finger for this.

Here are some looks using the Multi-Tasking Color Stick on my eyes, cheeks, and lips.

I also used the blk Cosmetics Birthday Sparkle Gloss in Confetti here.

Minimalist and simple, yet dressy enough for the office.

Another look taken by the window.

I am sooo tempted to also get the shade Champagne, and I would have, if only I didn't have more than enough highlighters to last me until the next two decades.

At Php 399 a pop, the blk Cosmetics Multi-Tasking Color Stick is worth it because of the multiple and versatile ways it can be used. I might still get Champagne as well just because, hee.

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