Manic Pixie Krissy Girl

31 January 2019

It is a truth universally acknowledged that hair becomes its most beautiful the moment you decide to chop it all off.

Since the time I wrote my last post I have unveiled a new Krissyfied Makes collection, bought the Krissyfied Makes domain, opened a new bank account, arrived at a major decision that will shape my future, and had my hair permed.

Hello, friends! I'm manic pixie Krissy girl.

I didn't grow up wanting curly hair. Growing up in a world where TV commercials, billboards, and print ads revered straight long hair, I longed for my naturally thick and wavy hair to transform into magically straight hair that goes back to its perfect state even with all the elements forcing it to look unkempt and messy. So much so that I almost killed it with all the hair treatments I went through.

And then I grew up and got more exposed to the fact that beauty cannot be defined by just one certain look. I embraced my thick wavy hair and wore it proudly until I cut it all off for a pixie cut, and then my pixie cut grew into a bob, and my bob grew long. Too long, actually, that my hair got past shoulder-length.

Still, my hairventurous self grew restless and I found myself contemplating another hair makeover. I remember wanting to have a Digiperm before but the salon did not allow me because my hair was rife with chemicals willing it to straighten itself (but not succeeding). I figured I could finally do it now because my hair has been left untreated for almost four years, and the New Year provided the perfect backdrop for my need for a new look.

I immediately booked an appointment with Belle, my trusted hairstylist in BENCH Fix Salon in Serendra.

Snip snip snip.

I almost stopped at this look but no, I was a woman with a mission.

And that mission was THIS.

I was pleased as punch!

Special thanks to Belle for making my curly hair dreams come true!

Aside from my lavender pixie cut (which is truly in a different league), I can definitely say that this is my most favorite hairstyle yet! Whenever I get sad, I just remember I have curly hair and my mood improves a lot! It really is a great upgrade—when before my hair was just always unkempt, now it's meant and intended to be unkempt.

I thought it would be high maintenance at first, but it is actually the easiest hair routine I have ever had! Just remember the three step-process: wash-curl styling milk-wear. So easy.

The best thing about my curly hair? It already looks great on its own that I don't spend as much time on doing my makeup anymore. Whereas before I had to do the whole "production" in my everyday work-and-play life, now I'm just a powder-and-lipstick kinda girl and I'm good to go!

I regrettably forgot to ask when I can expect for the curls to go flat, but I've read blog posts about this topic saying it should last around three to six months.

I am making another BENCH Fix Salon appointment the moment my curls turn into waves. ♡ 

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