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Review: Happy Skin ♡ Sanrio Liquid Matte Lippie Set in Twinkle Twinkle and Star Wand

I am a strong, independent woman who is currently on a year-long lipstick shopping ban so imagine my glee when my boyfriend offered to get this for me during the pre-selling period as a gift for our 27th month together.

How could I say no? I simply didn't have the heart. Heh.

Happy Skin ♡ Sanrio Little Twin Stars Liquid Matte Lippie Set in Twinkle Twinkle and Star Wand
I'm so thankful he got it for me when he did because of all the Happy Skin ♡ Sanrio collection, this set is the first one to run out. That was fast!

Gift Gate was one of my favorite haunts with my Mom and even though Hello Kitty and Keroppi are the more popular characters, I always gravitate towards the Little Twin Stars shelves because I feel a particular kinship with Kiki and Lala. My very first diary was a Little Twin Stars diary with padlock and key from my Aunt Jean, and it was one of my most treasured possessions.

Pretty packaging and nostalgia aside, it's not difficult for me to like these because I'm a big fan of Happy Skin in general. I have a lot of their Shut Up & Kiss Me Moisturizing Lippies in my stash already. As for the Liquid Matte Lippie, I have one from the Glam Squad collection, specifically the shade they collaborated with Mickey See with. It's what I wore to a friend's wedding and it really delivered! My lips stayed pigmented and it stayed put on my lips with very minimal transferring and no bleeding. I also liked its matte finish that didn't dry my lips at all! Color me impressed.

As expected, these liquid lippies are A+++! Also, how cute are those names?? UGHHH. 

Read more to see the swatches!

Happy Skin ♡ Sanrio Liquid Matte Lippie in Star Wand
Happy Skin ♡ Sanrio Liquid Matte Lippie in Star Wand on my lips
Happy Skin ♡ Sanrio Liquid Matte Lippie in Star Wand on my lips
Star Wand is described as a deep blush color. I love how it instantly brightens up the face and lends a feminine flair to any makeup look. Tone it down a tad and you have my perfect MLBB.

Happy Skin ♡ Sanrio Liquid Matte Lippie in Twinkle Twinkle
Happy Skin ♡ Sanrio Liquid Matte Lippie in Twinkle Twinkle on my lips
Happy Skin ♡ Sanrio Liquid Matte Lippie in Twinkle Twinkle on my lips
Twinkle Twinkle is described as a nude honey hue. I think nude lipsticks are here to stay regardless of lipstick trends so this shade is a perfect addition to any makeup kit. 

Honestly, these colors are not particularly unique. I can name more than a couple lipsticks in my collection that can pass as dupes --- even my Mickey See looks like a cross between these two. If I were made to choose in a lineup, though, I'd pick these any day because of the formulation and staying power. 

In any case, you can layer for a more intense color, or you can even combine the two. See how two swipes of these liquid lippies look like below.

Happy Skin ♡ Sanrio Liquid Matte Lippies in Twinkle Twinkle and Star Wand
So yeah, even though they're not the most unique lip colors I own, they're still two of my prized tubes because they remind me of a time when everything was delightful and magical and carefree, AND because they are a gift from my favorite person.

Did you get anything from Happy Skin's Holiday Collection? I actually also want the Kitty Cat but I've been succeeding on my goal of not buying lipsticks so far and it's almost October. I certainly can't fail now. Hah.

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