The Penshoppe DNMLab DIY Bar is back!

24 July 2017

One of my favorite events last year was the Penshoppe Denimlab DIY Bar where we had the chance to customize our Penshoppe Denims with paints and patches. This year, Penshoppe brought it back on a much BIGGER scale --- by adding more styling stations where you can have your Penshoppe Denims customized!

Dressed in a Penshoppe Denim Jumper and top for #PenshoppeDNMLabDIYBar!
From today until Wednesday, July 26, you can go to Glorietta Activity Center Palm Drive and purchase the freshest Penshoppe Denim drops and have them customized however which way you want!

You can start with a clean slate...

(Photo from Penshoppe)
and let your imagination roam free while going through the different styling stations available!

You can distress your denims, or customize them with paint splatters, hand-drawn paintings by Archie Geotina, Mara Reyes, and KITA, silkscreen prints, studs, patches, or pins!

(Photo from Penshoppe)
(Photo from Penshoppe)
(Photo from Penshoppe)
(Photo from Penshoppe)
(Photo from Penshoppe)
If you're planning to go it's best to go there early as it can get PACKED. I had to leave my jacket because they couldn't finish it today.

I'm SO EXCITED to see the finished product tomorrow! ♥

Buuut in the event you can't make it to the DNMLab DIY Bar, that's okay too because you can still check out the Penshoppe store nearest you for their new denim silhouettes! They made sure they have something for everyone. From vintage slim, skinny, and super skinny for the ladies, to skinny, super skinny, carrot cut, and slim for the guys, the international brand has released a myriad of new options under its Denimlab line to appeal to a wider market and offer something to its current loyal customers.

The new silhouettes come in different colors, finishes and textures, allowing Penshoppe to literally offer something for everyone—regardless of personal style or body type. AND GET THIS: they have two new collections that make use of patented technology to provide ultimate comfort regardless of weather conditions and the activity you’re doing—the Coolmax® All Season Technology for men and Coolmax® Core Technology for women. They also have the Re-Tooled collection that features cut and sew jeans. I got a new High-Waist PowerStretch also and it's so comfortable! I can live on those jeans forever.

The new silhouettes and collections under Penshoppe’s Denimlab line are now available at all Penshoppe branches nationwide. To know more, you may visit Penshoppe's official website or follow them on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. You may also get rewards points every time you shop when you download the PENSHOPPE APP, available at the App Store and Google Play!

I'll be there again tomorrow. Let me know if you're dropping by. ;)

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