Of dreams, love, and La La Land

15 January 2017

I watched La La Land with my la la love today and I may or I may have not shed a week's worth of tears inside the cinema while the movie's playing, outside the cinema immediately after the movie, and in Serenitea a solid six hours after we saw the movie.

My expectations were already a bit high seeing as how it won a lot of awards, but it exceeded even that. It's beautiful, it's fantastic, and - not that I need it to - it reminded me why I love movies. It's pure magic, y'all.

Now I just want to close my eyes and bask in the glorious beauty of this film, but I want to relive it here so that I have another pocket to tuck good memories in for when the rainy days come. 

That dance sequence under the stars? Sigh. When you think about it, it's just a simple story about two souls trying to go after their dreams, but brilliant acting, wonderful sets and musical sequences, and film artistry elevated and reincarnated it into so much more. But that's not even my favorite part.

My favorite part of any movie is how it sparks conversation and makes you think. I told my boyfriend that in the event we break up (I'm not saying we're going to, but on the off chance that we do), we are not to see other people straightaway because we will wait until we get back together. And then he scolded me for creating problems when there are none. Of course I'm not counting on it because he's the love of my life, but on the off chance!

Across the miles, my friend Ed also watched it today and it got us talking about our dreams. In the case of Sebastian (Ryan Gosling), his dream was to put up a jazz club, while Mia's (Emma Stone) was to be an actress. When I was a lot younger, my dream was to have a glamorous job as the editor-in-chief of a glossy magazine. When I got a little older, I dreamt of living in seclusion with my own bookstore/ café as means of livelihood. I dreamt of writing a book but now that I've realized it's not as easy as it seems and that I couldn't possibly meet my expectations for my own output, it got sidetracked for other goals. Now I dream of having a regular job, a husband, a kid or two, a house of our own with a library/ toy room, and who knows, maybe someday we can put up that bookstore/ café.
Ed: Would you ever give up your love for a dream?
Me: I don't know... My love is my dream, eh. Hehe.
I used to feel limitless, like the world was teeming with possibilities. Now I don't know if getting older made me forget my impulsive and carefree days, but suddenly it felt like the world couldn't accommodate me and my lofty ideas. Maybe I got realistic? Maybe I became more accepting that something always has to give? Or maybe the world is still teeming with possibilities, but I just got lazy.

Having seen La La Land inspired me to regain that missing spark. After all, I used to think I'm the unluckiest girl when it comes to love, and look at me now. ♥

PS: OKAY THIS IS NOT A SPONSORED POST BUT I JUST WANTED TO SHARE. I'm not kidding about the tears, you guys, and it's amazing how my Holika Holika Wonder Drawing 24H Auto Eyeliner stayed intact. Fabulous.

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