How I made my own cushion compact

07 January 2017

I ran out of my Maybelline Super BB Cushion and I wanted to repurchase because I really love how easy it is to use and how it gives me a dewy glow --- but then I did the next best thing (or probably the better thing?): I made my own!

The It's My Cushion Case set in Althea Korea caught my fancy in one of my online window shopping sessions but I'm lazy and didn't really want to bother. However, seeing tutorials (from Beauty Geeks, xoVain, and Project Vanity) inspired me to mix my own concoction!

I got two cushion case sets and two extra sponges on my most recent Althea Korea treat yo'self haul and set to make the best cushion compact made especially for me using some of my tried and tested products. I finally got the chance to it on the last day of the holiday break, and I want to share the process with you!

Here are the things I used
Petit'gguy Woof Woof White & Dog Costume not included!
A closer look:

Your bases of choice
I used L'Oreal Infallible Stay Fresh Foundation 24H as the base ingredient and then used small portions of Nella Aura BB Foundation and TonyMoly Goat Milk Pure CC Cream to blend
A couple of drops of The Body Shop Oils of Life for added skincare
I got this from The Landmark for only P49.75!
Cushion compact from Althea Korea but you can also reuse empty cushion compacts already have. Just make sure to clean them thoroughly!
You can also add sunscreen, but personally I prefer applying my sunscreen directly into my skin.

And now for the step-by-step mechanics. It's very easy, actually. All you have to do is mix your chosen products and ensure that the resulting combination matches your preferred consistency and, more importantly, your face skin color!

 Test the consistency; you don't want it too thick nor too thin.

Once you've worked out the ratio, it's time to pour and mix!

I found mixing it directly in the cushion is better than using a separate mixing bowl because you don't have to deal with wastage. Every mL or ounce of product counts!

It's best to start with a small batch, then just add more products as needed.

When done, put the "cushion" back carefully and use wipes to clean the compact and remove spills.

Left hand has my Krissyfied Cushion concoction, while the right hand is bare.
See how it covered up the freckle-like spots on my left hand?
The finished product on my face
I put it on in the morning while this photo was taken late in the afternoon. No retouching done!
This was a fun project that's very easy to do, and it even made applying liquid foundation or BB Cream/ CC Cream much easier for me! I have an extra cushion compact set so now I'm wondering what to do next. Another foundation/ CC Cream cushion using my other favorites? A blush cushion? Gift a personalized cushion to a friend? What do you think?

I love DIY. I also used to use face masks made from honey and brown sugar and I found it much better than other face masks available in the market. Have you DIY'd a makeup product before? How did it go?

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