My [supposed] Christmas 2016 Wish List

01 December 2016

A blink and what feels like one too many sighs, and it's December. 

I know I say this a lot, but seriously, WHERE DID THE MONTHS GO? Did we enter a portal days are less than 24 hours long? Did we somehow unlock the mysteries of time and make it go faster? I don't really know. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Since 2011, it has been a tradition for me to post my Christmas wish list on the first day of December in case Santa's feeling generous, but today I didn't even realize it was time to make this year's list if not for Timehop reminding me so. And so I spent the idle hours of this day thinking to myself what I want to receive this Christmas so I can start doing one of my snazzy collages again...

... and I came up with nothing.

I mean, sure, I've wanted a typewriter for so long and a white Kindle Paperwhite would be very, very, very nice to have, but, I don't know, in the grand scheme of things, with the amount of distress and political upheavals we've been having lately, I just feel like no one really cares if I get a paperweight or a new ebook reader or the Hamiltome for Christmas.

A visual representation of my brain cells having a bear-y important meeting
Now I don't know if this means I've matured (which is all well and good) or if I just became jaded (which I don't really want to be).

Am I too old for Santa's list?

Maybe. But still, that doesn't stop me from feeling festive and excited for this season. I just finished ordering presents for my aunts, uncles, and most of my friends, and I'm looking forward to distributing my gifts to them.

Last Tuesday we also had our office Christmas party, and it was a lot of fun. I think this was my favorite party yet because we were asked to invite our loved ones with us, and naturally I brought my love Miah.

Unlikely pairing: Super Mario and Vegeta, heh ♥
I won Best in Costume that night, by the way!
It's his birthday in a couple of weeks!

Speaking of birthdays and celebrations, you should definitely go to Freezer Burn in Bonifacio High Street as soon as possible and get Simbang Gabi, a special Christmas flavor that boasts of salted egg ice cream and freshly baked bibingka.

Who would have thought that one of our favorite Pinoy Christmas delicacies can have a twist as special as this? I wish I can get my old metabolism back and eat everything I want without worrying about the extra pounds. OH! Can that be my Christmas wish?


How about you, what are the items in your Christmas wish list? I hope you get your hearts' desires, as well as the wisdom to deal with them when you do finally get them. 

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