Metalmouth no more

08 December 2016

Praise be to God and all His angels and saints, for I am finally free from the bondage that shackles me!

Me and my love for hyperbole. But seriously, if, like me, you've been wearing braces for more than a quarter of your life, then you'll find a lot of reasons to rejoice when they're finally removed.

Buh-bye, braces!

I first wore braces when I was in first year high school, which I wore all my high school life until my fourth year in college. Unfortunately, even that long span of time wasn't enough as I had to have new ones fitted again. I had it done two years ago, and today my orthodontist removed it! For good, I hope.

I keep feeling the inside of my cheeks and wanting to do a celebratory jig because it's so smoooooth. I'll never take this feeling [of running my tongue around my teeth unobstructed by metal] for granted ever.

This wonderful feeling will be short-lived though as I will still need to wear my retainers, but until I get it this coming Sunday everything's good.

My boyfriend wore braces before also. Now we're just a couple of nerds showing off our perfect chompers. Heh.

See you on Saturday if you're coming to the #BU12xWorldBazaarFestival Holiday Bazaar at the World Trade Center Tent! ♥ 

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