My friend Ed

06 November 2016

I met Ed the summer of 2004; a few weeks shy of our sophomore year in college. I was part of the Student Council as the College Representative, tasked to guide new students as they were interviewed by the College of Mass Communication; he shifted courses, transferring from the College of Engineering. Both young, bright-eyed, and full of dreams, back then I already had an inkling we would be friends. 

We weren't really able to hang out that much then, though. Being a shifter, he was an irregular student who had to take units I've already taken. We also belonged to different cliques and didn't have a chance to bond more than the usual pleasantries and quick hellos.

Thanks to Multiply, we became much closer than we anticipated. I found his entries to his Multiply Journals witty and sincere, and we spent many back and forths commenting on each other's posts. I had a falling out with my old group, and my friendship with Ed was further cemented when he had my back as I let go of friendships that were no longer fruitful. When I had my heart broken and it took me much longer to get over it, Ed was there supporting me all the way, never judging and always ready to lend a sympathetic ear. He was never an enabler, though; he speaks what I need to hear but is always kind and gracious about it. And he was right, I found love again and it's much better than I imagined. ♥

Countless beach trips, dinners, concerts, Pahiyas, random sleepovers, Jason Mraz songs, movie recommendations, and more than a thousand text messages and emails exchanged (he was the one who forced me to watch How I Met Your Mother and I am so glad I listened!), Ed has become a solid constant in my life and I am truly blessed he is my friend. 

Yesterday, he left the Philippines to work in Singapore. It's a country I considered trying my luck in late last year when a circumstance forced me to reevaluate my life and rethink my choices. I even have somewhere to stay in already. But decisions remain ideas unless you push through with them, and I didn't. As for Ed, he made the decision and trudged on, and now he's there and starting his first day on his new job tomorrow. Everything came easy for him because it was meant to happen. We're now separated by a thousand miles and a huge body of water but thanks to technology, there's no distance too far.

A year or so ago, I made a promise to him that I will never not reply. I haven't turned my back on that promise so far, and I never intend to. Whether it be little triumphs or huge victories, a tear or two or full-on ugly crying over a movie or a song or a love too great to comprehend, I know he knows that I'm ALWAYS just a message or a phone call away.

Dear Eddiibear, you'll always be my sunshine and serenade-in-a-box, and I'll be sweet pea. I know you'll do great there! Cheers to more adventures and stories, cheers to love and light and music and doughnuts! The world is waiting.

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