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14 November 2016

One thing I love about my job is that I can actually work anywhere so long as there's a working Internet connection. I still need to go to the office 40 hours a week though, but we are not required to go on overtime and I am almost always out of the door before 5:15 PM. That's especially helpful for me because I live far from my workplace and commuting to and from work easily eats up almost four hours of my day, every weekday. 

As for my weekends, they're sacred and are spent with my boyfriend and family (and every four weeks, my orthodontist). Last Saturday, I was with Miah as usual but it was more special because it was our 17th monthsary.

He's not smile-y in photos but trust me, he's happy. Heh.
The hoodies are my monthsary gift to him. Anyway, we were wearing our hoodies because it was cold inside New Life in Market! Market!, okay?
17 months. Whoah. Where did all those months go?

We celebrated the occasion by attending a design workshop by industrial engineer/ inventor John Tan featuring the Vaquform he designed and getting our body weight, height, and blood pressure measured at a machine inside Mercury Drug. How romantic, right? But I wouldn't have it any other way. I'm so in love with this nerd. ♥

Meanwhile, his gift for me was the Frozen Moisturizing Matte Lippe set featuring Elsa and Anna from Happy Skin's collaboration with Disney!!!

I was really surprised as I wasn't expecting him to remember all my lipstick blah blahs, let alone visit a Happy Skin store by himself(!!!) and get me this. I was so touched and proud. *heart eyes emoji* I've already swatched them and they're GORGEOUS! I will post my review this week!

I also got myself this:

A Fitbit Charge HR in purple! I have wanted one for so long and finally saved up enough. I wanted it in black but the color's no longer available so as per Miah's recommendation I opted for the purple instead. I've only been using it for less than two days but I'm enjoying it so far. I especially like the Sleep Tracker feature! Hopefully it inspires me to take care of myself better and be in the pink of health.

In related news, I'm scheduled to go to the gastroenterologist later so we can rule out other sicknesses that might be afflicting me, as well as get helpful advice on how I can take care of myself better. I'm hopeful it will be like any other routine checkup and no diseases will be found. Kindly include me in your thoughts and prayers as I intend to live a really long life, get married, have kids, and see my dreams of having a bookstore/ cafe come to fruition.

UPDATE: I just came from the hospital and everything's normal! I just have to continue with my meds and stay away from foods the doctor cautioned me against and everything's well. :)

Take care of yourself, kids.

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