Currently Vol. 40

05 October 2015

On my previous post I mentioned that I'm sending Sadness somewhere else for a makeover and that I am so excited to see her new look.

Well, that makeover hasn't happened yet, but it will. In the meantime, she's back with me and we're having more adventures together!

What kept me happy today: double-ended markers/ highlighter pens and durian yema from Davao thanks to my friend/ officemate Cheers. Meanwhile, Sadness had a bad case of the Mondays.
She's taking over my life. I think I need help. Hahaha.

Here is this week's Currently!


The #StrangeLit Incredible Truths bundle that also contains my short story A Sky of Wishes. Actually, I messed up and overlooked something on my manuscript that I didn't think would be that noticeable, but so far it has been pointed out to me by the two people who reviewed my work. Thankfully, John of Buqo agreed for me to send him an edited manuscript, so new purchases from today onwards will contain this new version. Yay! Thanks, John! (Meanwhile, those who have already bought their copies now hold in their hands a limited edition version. When I get famous, that'll be a collector's item. Heh.)

Nothing at the moment, but Miah and I conceptualized a couple of plot bunnies that I would love to turn into stories, so I better work on them soon before the idea flies away.

Nate Ruess forever and ever. I just remembered how awesome his album is, and so I have been listening to it on loop on my way to and from work. I don't even know why I bother with a Spotify Premium account when I don't really get to maximize it, heh.

Of possible giveaways for the people who will join our Book Launch [in Recession Coffee on October 24] and buy our ebooks!

What do you think of postcards with these prints?
I also commissioned Ana to make me accessories that I can also give away during the launch. So excited to get them!

Thankful and happy because I saw this nut earlier after work.

Thankful and happy because the two reviews I have gotten towards A Sky of Wishes so far have been positive and encouraging.

Thankful and happy because I got featured on When in Manila's list of "14 Artsy People who Inspire Us on Instagram on a Daily Basis." It's the first time I got featured because of my art! And because of Sadness, LOL.

More people to buy our book Incredible Truths. Come on, people, while it costs P90 only for the ten stories! Grabbity-grab now before the price goes up to its regular price of P250!

A new wardrobe. We have a ton of events happening in the next couple of weeks and a new selection of clothes would be awesome.

That everything that concerns work goes smoothly. My stress levels are very high recently, to be honest.

Oh well. I hope that wherever you are, you are happy and loved. Take care of your hearts. ♥

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