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01 June 2015

I hope your wallets and your EQs are ready, because the ninth installment of the Bloggers United Bazaar is happening this Saturday, and it promises to be the biggest one yet!

Shop your favorite bloggers' closets, play games, participate in the activities, take photos, and win prizes from 10 AM to 9 PM in Whitespace, Makati! I will be selling a LOT of stuff and I hope you can help me by buying them! I would really like to clear some space so I could start sleeping in my bedroom-turned-storage room again heh.

It's amazing to see how far BU has come, thanks to all your support! I hope you can continue supporting us by being there on Saturday! If you want tickets, just leave a comment below and I'll see if I can add you to my guest list. ;)

Now on to this week's Currently.



I just finished reading I Wrote This For You: Just the Words and now I'm trying to decide which book to read next. Being a book hoarder is so hard, you guys.

Nothing. I stopped writing my Spark NA novella and I am feeling pretty bummed about it. I may or may not write my reasons why in the future.

Welcome to Night Vale which was recommended to me by Miah. I've heard about it before but never really paid any attention until he mentioned it. I'm glad he did because it's totally up my alley! He has opened me to a whole new world and I am liking it very much. There are so many things to learn, so many things to tinker with and be passionate about. A lifetime of learning is not enough.

Welcome to Night Vale fan art
It is my current phone wallpaper
Don't forget to keep in touch!

The fragrant roses sent in by Maybelline to accompany the eleven new shades of Maybelline Color Sensational Rebel Bouquet collection! What a lovely surprise. ♥

Of tomorrow's work event.

Sleepy and tired. This day really felt its Monday + First Day of the Month presence felt.

Life. Heh. ♥

More time for rest, for reading, and for painting.

More time to sort my clothes and decide what I can sell on Saturday.

I can stop time for a while. How can it be the second half of 2015 already?

Good luck, everyone! Have a great June!

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