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"Some infinities are bigger than other infinities."

Hello, I am Krissy. It is past midnight here in Manila yet here I am wide awake (on a workday, no less!). Blame it on the two cups of coffee (one hot, one iced) and the grande Mint Blend hot tea I had today, or on The Fault in Our Stars movie, which incidentally I saw with my friends today. It made me feel a lot of things, and I liked it because it was a welcome deviation from the crappy days I've been having lately

I first read the book two years ago. Almost halfway through it on my Kindle app for Android, I decided I *must* have the book, so off I went to the bookstore and got myself a hardbound copy. I was crying for two whole weeks after. At the time, I thought it was one of the most beautifully-written books I have ever had the pleasure of reading --- although I do agree that some lines might sound a little too pretentious when you think about how they're supposed to have been uttered by teenagers. I wrote before that one of my greatest fears is to be forgotten, and so I identified with Gus's wanting to leave a mark.

John Green's The Fault in Our Stars left such a huge mark on me but I found it too difficult and painful to reread the book, particularly because I have a dear friend who succumbed to cancer. I love you, my darling, sweet, dear friend Poly. I miss you every day.

Three weeks ago, I decided to read it again in preparation for the movie I've been excited about ever since they announced it. Reading is a different experience each time since *you* become a different person each time, but I'm glad to say it still remains as one of my top five favorite YA books.

As for the movie, I am glad to say it has surpassed my expectations. It's 98% faithful to the book that I even found myself reciting the actors' lines with them in my head. Beautiful shots, great OST, and brilliant actors, it's a wonderful book-to-movie adaptation that I wouldn't mind seeing again. 

It's not a story about cancer. It's a story of two teenagers who happened to have cancer who fell in love with each other. It's a story of hope that love and beauty can be found even in the bleakest of days, and God knows I need to make sure I don't forget that. It's funny and charming and a whole-lotta-nice, and I recommend that you watch it with people who are dear to you, like I did.

I watched it with my friends. ^_^
Go ahead and see it! Pro-tip: Make sure to bring lots of tissues. LOL.

Special thanks to Mike and beTV for our tickets!

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