Valentine's Day, 2022

15 February 2022

I always found joy in the novelty of my Tatay being born on Valentine's Day, thus his name Valentino. I always quip this as an unsolicited fun fact whenever I get asked for my parents' name or when conversations veer towards names as topic. I do not exactly know where I am named after (although my Mama always claims it's because the name Kris was popular in 1986 because of the People Power Revolution (for non-Filipino readers of this post, the youngest daughter of the late President Cory Aquino who overthrew the Marcos dictatorship is named Kris). 

Anyway, this past Valentine's Day is probably the saddest Valentine's Day for me yet, because it's the first Valentine's Day that my Tatay is not here to celebrate his birthday with us.

Happy birthday, Tatay. Hope you're having a blast up there.

We love you and we miss you so much.

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