5 Simple Ways to Change Your Look

09 February 2021

It is typical of women to look in the mirror and sometimes feel underwhelmed by their image. I personally relate to this because I feel like I have "off" days when I feel like my skin looks a little dull or I feel blah. When this happens, I know that it is time to make a little adjustment to my look.

Depending on certain factors such as your time and budget, the adjustments can be simple and periodic, but they will go a long way into changing up your look. Sharing some tips below ;)

1. Change Your Lip Color to Red

This is my favorite tip because, well, a bold red lip is my favorite statement look. One swipe and you're ready to go! Many people tend to forget the sensual appeal that lips have. They may be the first feature that a person notices and admires about you. If you are one of the women who prefer to remain subtle in their makeup choices, you might be surprised at how much venturing into the wilder side changes your look.

Red is a surprisingly democratic lip color. Bluer shades of red favor most hair shades and skin tones and they also work well with neutral wardrobe colors such as brown, black, white, grey, blue, and khaki.

To balance out this bold lipstick color, you can darken your eyebrows using a brow pencil or dab petroleum jelly on them. You may also opt to add mascara and eyeshadow, but this is purely optional. If you can achieve this balance, your cheekbones will instantly look more prominent, teeth whiter, and your eyes will have more shine.

2. Change Your Accessories

Accessories usually get the least share of attention when it comes to a wardrobe upgrade. When you think of switching up your look, your jackets, pants, sweaters, and skirts are at the top of your list. However, the secret to changing your look with minimal effort is paying attention to details.

Scarves, necklaces, and earrings are easy ways to inject excitement into your wardrobe. Belts, on the other hand, help to improve the appearance of dresses by adding color and shaping your body. A few small updates can greatly impact your overall look.

You may also change up the look of your face by going for a flattering eyeglass frame that complements the shape of your face, whether it has lenses or not. www.eyeglasses.com is a good site where you can shop for prescription or non-prescription glasses from the comfort of your home.

3. Change Your Hairstyle

Changing your hairstyle can be scary since it is an integral part of your look. On the other hand, staying with one look for too long can be boring. Moreover, hair trends are very dynamic, and what looks hot now might not be trendy in the next five years. This doesn’t mean that you must do away with the general color or length that suits your face. However, switching up your hair look often can leave you looking young and fresh.

If the idea of changing your hair sounds a bit too scary, you can start with a little experimentation as you progress. For instance, you can add a few highlights to your hair for a younger and more sun-kissed look. Going a shade darker will help to add a mystery to your look. I used to sport different colored hair and/ or hairstyles when I was younger, and pre-pandemic I had permed hair. I would love to do it again as soon as it's safe!

4. Shop Out of Your Comfort Zone

Style isn't only about how you look in clothes. It entails how you feel in them as well. If you are never open to trying new things, you will hardly ever feel comfortable in fashion. Depending on your perspective, new materials, styles, and accessories can either be exciting or intimidating.

Visit medium-sized or large malls and window shop the clothes and accessories shops. You can visit a few shops that can upscale your lifestyle in some way but ensure that you hop within your budget. Get comfortable with looking around and asking questions until you are bold enough to try new looks. Or, since we're in a pandemic, check out online thrift shops like what I do and shop sustainably :)

5. Learn From the Best

There is an endless parade of slideshows on the internet about the latest fashion trends. If you often come across such, it is time to stop admiring and start taking notes and screenshots.

You can always borrow styling tips from your favorite celebrity or fashion blogger. If you are impressed by how a certain fashion figure dresses, you can pay attention to their look and borrow tips on updating your style from someone whose fashion savvy you trust.

If you wish to quickly update your looks, try one of the above solutions for pleasant results.   ;)

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